Why Should A Holland Lop Bunny Be Your Next Pet?

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For first-time rabbit owners who may be looking for a smaller rabbit breed, the Holland Lop bunny may be the perfect one for you. On this page, we are going to give you an in-depth look at everything that you need to know about this beautiful animal.

The Holland Lop bunny is one of the most popular dwarf rabbit breeds kept as a pet in the US as well as around the world. They are prized for their small size and warm personalities, but many new bunny owners ask the same question: do Holland Lop bunnies make good pets?

In short, if you are looking for a friendly, low maintenance and smart indoor family pet, then the answer is YES! But, let’s see more in-depth what makes this bunny so popular. Is it its behavior and temperament as a pet, or its long lifespan?

Origin of the Rabbit

It was Adriann de Cock (a Dutch breeder) that bred the Netherland Dwarf and the French Lop to create a new wonderful breed – the Holland Lop bunny.

The two rabbits have different characteristics, therefore the combination was expected to be exceptional. However, the first attempt didn’t meet the breeder’s expectations.

But subsequent trials yielded a Holland Lop that has floppy ears like a French Lop and the extraordinary temperament of a Netherland Dwarf.

The Look of the Bunny

The Holland Lop bunny is a dwarf bunny having several defining characteristics. They have a compact body shape that is wide and short.

The rabbit has a broad and thick crown at the back, raising above its head. Further, the breed has 5 inch long floppy ears inherited from French Lop.

They have large fur covering the ears that fail on both sides of the head. The ears combined with their black colored eyes makes the Holland Lop rabbits adorable.

The Holland Lop bunnies have short and stubby legs ideal for their size. and a tiny, straight, and fluffy tail. They have broad shoulders supporting their well-toned muscles.

Most Holland Lop bunnies weigh around 2-4 pounds on average.

Holland Lop Colors

The Holland Lop bunny comes in an impressive variety of colors and combinations like light orange, a mix between purple and grey, dark brown, luminous brown, white, dark orange, or a well-distributed shade of dark brown.

These are broken into two categories: solid or broken. Rabbits with a broken pattern have two colors appearing in patches across their bodies. Their fur is dense and glossy and, even better, easy to maintain.

Many people claim that the Holland Lop resembles squirrels since the two have a standard luminous brown color while the one with completely white fur looks like a rat.

Holland Lop Lifespan

One of the main reasons why people are so interested in the Holland Lop breed is simply because they have a long lifespan. The lifespan of the Holland Lop rabbit sits somewhere between 7-10 years.

Since there are not any major health issues associated with this breed, most are going to hit the upper cap in terms of lifespan too, with some maybe going a couple of years over.

In fact, in a home environment, this rabbit could easily live to ten years old. This is far higher than most other rabbits of the same size. Even if it is not able to live to 10, it is likely going to hit 8.

This is a long-lived rabbit, but not dreadfully long. It is still going to be a major commitment when you get one, however!

Holland Lop Rabbit Care

There are not really any special care requirements for those who own a Holland Lop rabbit.

Provide them a balanced diet, which is going to be the same for any rabbit breed (rich in hay), then this is going to be a rabbit that will lead a long and healthy life.

Remember that the rabbit does well when you keep it in a cage with a strong wire on the sides because it can chew through the cage.

Use a soft material on the bottom to avoid hurting their feet or causing sore hocks.

As stated above, this breed is small and easy to handle. Therefore, basic grooming like trimming of the nails should be done every month and you should brush it every week.

Make sure that you never bathe your bunnies; however, clean their hutch weekly using a deworming shampoo and sweep the bedding every day to remove their feces. Although this is tedious, it will make the life of your bet more pleasant.  

A cage of minimum size 18″X24″ is sufficient for this breed, but you can make it bigger if possible to give them enough room to grow, stretch out comfortably and play because they are active animals. Check our recommendation for the best indoor rabbit hutch if you have enough available space, or you can always consider using a small rabbit cage.

These are very active creatures so don’t leave them inside their cage all day. You can make a rabbit proof space where the bunnies can play, or take the bunnies out and allow them to play in an enclosed yard or garden but with close supervision.

This will also help them to get some sunshine.

The Holland Lop has no hereditary issues; however, you have to take good care of them. Check their mouth regularly for overgrown teeth that can become painful when they grow.

Other than this, you may consider neutering or spaying at the age of six months, to make them less aggressive; however, neutering Holland Lops will not do much since they are not aggressive naturally.

Holland Lop Bunny is a Great Pet for Beginners

The Holland Lop bunnies don’t need as much advanced or specialized care as other rabbits, this makes them a great starter pet.

Like any other rabbit breed, they are extremely sensitive to temperature, and their exceptionally small size makes that even more so.

If you’re interested in adopting a Holland lop, it’s a good idea to have a dedicated area of your home for your rabbit with access to feed, water, and things to chew!

As said earlier, they are social animals and require companionship. If you aren’t around enough, it would be wise to consider getting a different breed.

If you are able to give them what they need, then they make great, low-maintenance pets.

The Holland Lop temperament is what they are known for. Having a gentle temperament and being easier to handle than many other rabbit breeds, they make great pets for beginners and children.

Looking for Holland Lop Rabbits for Sale or Adoption?

Take a look at our list of Holland Lop bunnies for sale here. We have updated the list of breeders in the US for 2021.

Are Holland Lops Good with Kids?

Holland Lop bunnies are a hit among kids for their adorable faces, interesting fur patterns, and trademark ears. While their sweet temperament works well with children, it’ important to consider that rabbits of all breeds are sensitive to rough handling.

Holland Lop rabbit as Pet
Holland Lop Bunny as a Pet

It often happens that children perceive them only as soft toys. So, if your children are a little bit clumsy or impatient, rabbits will show their dissatisfaction trying to bite them, or simply keep hiding.

A sudden fall or drop can be lethal to a bunny, so they should only be handled by children with a good awareness of handling pets.

Another thing about this breed, and bunnies in general, is an aversion to loud noises or sounds. It’s possible for rabbits to “die of fright,” or have heart attacks due to stress inducing situations.

While this is a rare occurrence in rabbits, it’s best to consider the type of environment you will be bringing your bunny into. In any case, these Lop bunnies are particularly easy to care for and require less medical and entertainment needs than other rabbits.

Holland Lop Rabbit as a Pet – A Great Alternative to Dogs and Cats

Holland Lop bunnies have sweet, cuddly personalities, and enjoy playing with toys and other amenities.

As we said earlier, the recommended cage size is 18 x 24, which is significantly smaller than other rabbit varieties. This makes the Holland Lop bunny great for people who are looking to save space.

The other benefit of this breed is the cost. Holland Lop bunny cost around $50, and their yearly upkeep scores lower than other rabbits, and even cats and dogs.

Holland Lops are great for pet owners looking to get their first rabbit or introduce their children to small animals.

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They are consistently one of the most popular breeds among rabbit owners, and one of the most widely available. With their sweet personalities and adorable ears, it’s easy to see why Holland lop bunnies make good pets!