Do Rabbits Need Baths

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Do rabbits need baths? This is one of the most frequently asked questions when having a pet rabbit.

How Do You Bath A Rabbit

You shouldn’t. It is as simple as that.

Bathing a rabbit is not recommended, do that unless absolutely necessary! Rabbits spend most of the time in cleaning their fur, so bathing your rabbit can be very stressful to him, to the point of a heart attack.

Rabbits are very clean pets, even cleaner than cats and they do not have any smell. If your bunny is dirty, take a damp cloth and ‘spot clean‘ him.

rabbit bathing

But, can rabbits be bathed? Yes, there are situations when you do need to bath your rabbit.

When Do Rabbits Need Baths

Rabbits can have baths. The only time rabbits can have baths is when they get a build up of urine around their genitals. Also, bathing a rabbit is allowed only when the rabbit is very dirty or has soiled himself.

If you find yourself in this type of emergency, be sure to make the bath as brief as possible, and keep the bunny warm until she/he is dry. However do not forget to use safe bunny shampoo

They generally don’t like getting submerged, and remember that bunny fur takes a longtime to dry. Bunnies usually hate sinks, and will kick out and twist when you try to put them in water.

TIP: After bathing a rabbit, put a hot water bottle to cuddle next to if they feel chilled. A rabbit can catch hypothermia or go into shock very easily if they get cold when they’re wet.

And remember, there is no reason for rabbits to receive regular baths – even if they are shallow baths. Rabbits clean themselves unless too old or obese (or injured somehow). But a normal healthy rabbit on a good diet should be able to clean himself.

Even a plain water bath, if given regularly, can dry out bunny’s delicate skin.

How to clean rabbits feet

One good way how to clean rabbits feet is using a vinegar solution. Best way to get it off is to place the rabbit in a new, clean wire cage, and let it come of on its own. Vinegar works wonders. 1 part white vinegar to 2 parts water is a pretty solid mix.

Soak a cotton ball in it for a few seconds, and then really, really run it into his feet. Leave it on for a bit, and then wash it off. Just make sure it stays on their feet. Not only is it nasty for them to lick off, it might make the fur a little icky.