Rabbit Fence, Playpens And Playgrounds For Indoor and Outdoor

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Rabbits – if you look at them, you can’t imagine them causing any harm. But when you look away for awhile your cables could be gone! And so can your plants.

Like it or not, every rabbit owner sooner or later, must face the fact about rabbit chewing or digging.

We can’t blame them, because it is in their nature to chew on things, run around and explore.

If you keep your bunnies indoor, your apartment is probably full of cage bedding and hay around the cage. Especially when you let them out of the cage the rabbits are pooping everywhere.

Whether we keep them indoor or outdoor in the yard, we must provide a safe environment for them.

A safe place where they can exercise and be happy. Without worrying that they will chew our furniture, or cables, or run away from the yard and get in the garden.

Every one of us a couple of times thought how much the life would be nicer and tidier if we didn’t have rabbits. But, later I am sure we all felt bad about the thought.

You need to understand them, respect their needs, but also think of ways to cope with the clutter they cause.

Using a rabbit fence, playpen or playground helps a lot. The bunnies will have their own private space where they can run freely and play with their toys. While, in the same time our apartment will be clean. If kept outdoor our garden will be safe from them.

We have done a detailed review of many rabbit fences and playpens and in the next few minutes we are going to share our list of Top 12 rabbit fences with you.

Outdoor Fence For Rabbits

TOP PICK: BestPet Pet Playpen Exercise

rabbit playpen

This rabbit fence is ideal if you have a large space. It provides plenty of room where the rabbits can play in a fun and safe environment. 

The fence is constructed from rust resistant metal and you can connect more panels together to cover a larger area.

This rabbit playpen quickly collapses for convenient storage and it does not require any tools.

You can choose between 8 Panels and 16 Panels.

2. BestPet Rabbit Cage

rabbit fence playpen

This rabbit playpen is especially suitable for larger rabbit breeds that are kept outdoor. It has a metal roof, which gives additional security, if afraid that the rabbits can jump.

With a waterproof cover, the rabbits will be protected from sun, rain and snow.

Dimensions: 72*48*24″

3. Midwest Foldable Metal Exercise Pen

rabbit fence playpen

Considering its price this is definitely one of the best rabbit fence or playpen out there. It has more than 10000 reviews from customers.

Considering its size it is suitable for indoor use as well.

It is easy to set up since no tools are required for assembly. perfect exercise Pen for bunnies.

It measures 24W x 30H Inches.

4. PawHut 36 Panel Pet Playpen Small Animal Wire Cage

This rabbit fence playpen is an ideal product to keep the rabbits safely confined while still active. With the 36 metal wire panels, plastic connectors, and cable ties offered, you can build it into various configurations to adapt to your room’s layout or yard.

The fence panels can be configured into various shapes and sizes. 

It measures 57.5″ L x 28.75″ W x 28.75″ H.

5. Festnight Outdoor Metal Pet Exercise and Playpen Fence for Rabbits

Still construction rabbit playpen that will provide a large space where the rabbits can play and exercise .

Overall dimensions: 315L x 157.5W x 78.7H
Inner dimensions: 299.3W x 149.6D x 74.8H

6. Greenes Fence – Rabbit Fence Garden

If your rabbits are running freely and you want to keep them away from your garden then this fence is ideal choice.

Each panel measures 45L x 23.5H. It is very easy to assemble, just with a push into soft soil or ground.

Indoor Fence For Rabbits – Indoor Rabbit Playpens

If rabbits are kept indoor, most of the time they will run around the apartment, but they still need to be provided with their own private space.

There is no need of some expensive rabbit fence or playpen if the bunny is kept indoor.

As a cheaper alternative of the wire fence for rabbits you may consider the following rabbit fences or playpens.

A rabbit playpen is a must for any rabbit owner.

1. Rusily Pet Transparent Fence For Rabbits

Great cheap option for an indoor rabbit fence or playpen. it is transparent and made from plastic.

Transparent design of plastic panels, where the bunny will play.

2. Fsskgx Small Animals Tent

rabbit fence indoor playpen

This is another cheap alternative for rabbit fence or metal playpen.

This indoor rabbit playpen will keep the bunny away from your plants or cables.

But, In the same time offering your bunny sufficient space for free movement.

it mesures 47in W x 15in H.

3. Tespo Pet Playpen, Portable Large Plastic Yard Fence 

rabbit fence indoor playpen

The panels can be combined in different shapes. That makes this indoor rabbit fence great option to consider.

It has 12 Panels, 28 X 20 inches, but you can add as many panels you want.

You can make various combinations to the actual room layouts. It provides a maximum of 20 square feet space.

4. Quaanti Metal Exercise Pen Pet Playpen

This indoor rabbit fence consists of 12 Panels that combined together make a perfect playpen for rabbits.

It is constructed from rust resistant sturdy metal for increased longevity and durability,

Considering its affordable price, this is a great option for an indoor rabbit fence or playpen.

5. JYYG Small Pet Pen Bunny Cage Dogs Playpen Indoor

rabbit fence indoor playpen

Each panel is 13.8″ x 13.8″, which makes this rabbit fence suitable for small rabbit breeds.

However, the panels can be configured in multiple shape such as the shape of rectangle, square or octagon to meet your needs.

It is a great playground for your rabbits!

6. Prevue Pet Products Multi-Color Small Pet Playpen

rabbit fence indoor playpen

Considering its price, it is ideal choice as indoor bunny playpen.

Perfect playpen especially for dwarf bunnies that are kept in apartment.

It has 9 panels that are easy to assemble.

rabbit fence playpen indoor