Do Rabbits Bite? Are Rabbit Bites Dangerous?

Do rabbits bite? Well, they are prey animals. This means that if they get a little bit scared, they are going to bite. In fact, rabbit bites are part and parcel of owning a rabbit. It will happen. It isn’t a case of ‘if‘, it is a case of ‘when‘. Thankfully, most rabbit bites are not going to be that dangerous, and you will be able to treat them yourself.

Even a well taken-care-of rabbit and well loved will nip you on occasion, however, that’s not being mean or aggressive – it’s a standard part of owning a rabbit.

do rabbits bite

On this page, we are going to take a look at rabbit bites in-depth and provide you with all of the advice you need to ensure that you are healthy if you have been bitten.

Do Rabbits Bite?

Yes, rabbits bite. No matter how friendly your rabbit is with you, it is probably going to bite or scratch you at some point. What you need to remember is that a rabbit is a naturally ‘scared’ animal, particularly when it is on its own.

This is their instinct. When they are out there in the wild, they will try to defend themselves at the smallest hint that they may end up getting hurt. So, if you pet them slightly wrong, there is a chance that your rabbit will bite you.

It is probably going to hurt too. This does not suddenly mean that your rabbit is dangerous. It isn’t. It does mean that you will need to pay attention to the way that you are interacting with your animal.

Are Rabbit Bites Dangerous?

For the most part, rabbit bites are not dangerous. As long as you make sure that you clean the wound out and dress it properly, then there is probably going to be nothing wrong with it. As we said before; it is going to hurt you a lot, though.

If it is your child who has been bitten by a rabbit, then they are likely going to complain! It won’t be dangerous for a child, although if it is a deep wound, they may need to get a tetanus shot.

When Will a Rabbit Bite?

Rabbits will bite you probably when they want to get your attention while playing, or when they want you to move out of the way, assuming that you haven’t responded to previous attempts from the bunny to signal you.

Other most usual circumstances in which the bunny can bite or scratch is when grooming.

A bunny might also bite if you handle or pet him somewhere that he doesn’t like to be petted.  See more: Where do bunnies likes to be petted?

Do Rabbit Bites Spread Diseases?

do rabbits bite

Rabbit bites have the potential to spread a disease, just like a bite from any other animal. However, rabbit bites aren’t really that dangerous. If you are keeping a rabbit in your home, it is unlikely to pick up a disease that can spread.

In fact, even having it outside in a hutch would make it difficult for the rabbit to pick up a disease that can spread. Yes. It is going to hurt when a rabbit bites you, but it isn’t dangerous. Just clean the wound.

You will want to check to see whether it turns red or there is tracking leading out from the wound. This could indicate that the rabbit bite was infected, but even then the chances are slim.

If you are bitten by a wild rabbit, then that is a completely different story. There could be an infection in that case, and you absolutely would need to go to the emergency room to see whether there is an issue.

Rabbits can pick up diseases in the wild incredibly easily, and they spread very quickly between the rabbits too.

Do I Need A Rabbit Bite Vaccine?

If you think that your rabbit has a disease, specifically rabies, then you should head to an emergency room as soon as possible. The doctors will be able to analyze whether you need a vaccine or not.

There is no specific rabbit bite vaccine.

If the rabbit bite is fairly deep, and it has been more than five years since you last had a tetanus vaccine, then you should probably receive one of them.

The chances are slim that you are going to get tetanus, but it is better to be safe than sorry. You should be receiving regular tetanus boosters anyway.

If the wound is shallow, or you do not believe the rabbit has any disease, then you can easily treat the rabbit bite on your own. For the most part, you are going to need to do nothing more than wash the bite in a bit of water. You can then dress it appropriately.

You may want to keep an eye on it over the next couple of days, but the chances of anything happening are slim.

So there you have it, the answer to the questions ‘Can Rabbits Bite’ is Yes. But keep in mind that in case your rabbit bites you, and you do notice fever-like symptoms, then you will want to head to the emergency room immediately. It could signify a serious blood infection.

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  1. Great content! We have 2 Netherland dwarfs that like to cuddle a lot, we play with them every day and they have never bite us.

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