Holland Lop Bunnies For Sale – Breeders, Adoption and Price Guide

Having a gentle temperament and being easier to handle than many other rabbit breeds, the Holland Lops are great pets. But, trying to find Holland Lop bunnies for sale can be very difficult.

The thing is that, when most people consider finding Holland Lop bunnies for sale, they will head to their local pet store.

Try to avoid buying Holland Lop from a pet store. This is the first thing that we want to give you as an advice.

You may be tempted by the availability and the price, but you do not have any background information for the bunny. They are often bred solely for monetary gain.

That is why we are here to help you find the best reputable breeders, rabbitry, rescues and adoption centers, where you can surely find Holland Lop bunnies for sale or adoption.

In order to find the right one for you, you need to be cautious and do your research before you find Holland Lop bunny for sale.

Holland Lop Bunnies for Sale

Before you get a Holland Lop, make sure you do your research and find a reputable Holland Lop rabbitry or breeder. You may also consider searching for rabbit rescues in your area before buying from a breeder (more about this later).

Are you in a hurry?

Since you are trying to find Holland Lop bunnies for sale, you might be looking into rabbit hutches? Well, we have looked into the best rabbit hutches in the market today, and we can comfortably recommend which is best suited for your rabbits. 

We encourage you to get your rabbit from a breeder, as we said earlier, you will have a better idea of ​​the temperament and any health problems that may arise. Look for a breeder that is breeding for show stock and your pet will be wonderful.

If you are lucky enough to live near a local rabbit breeder where you can find Holland Lop rabbit for sale, that is great. If, however, you are among the unfortunates that are unable to do so, consider the following sites as good options where you can surely find Holland Lop bunnies for sale:

Holland Lop Bunnies Price

If you want to keep the bunny as a pet, Holland Lops can sell from anywhere between $35 to $120.

However, if you are planning to breed it or show it, a show-quality Holland Lops for sale can sell from anywhere between $100 to $450, depending on the pedigree and quality.

One of the benefit of this breed is the cost. Their yearly upkeep scores lower than other rabbits, and even cats and dogs.

Holland Lop Adoption

Finding Holland Lop rabbits for sale is not easy, but what if we tell you that rabbit rescue and adoption may be a good idea as well?

It isn’t just cats and dogs that are put up for adoption. Rabbits are some of the most common because they breed like crazy.

It is often a lot cheaper to go for Holland Lop adoption too.

In fact, many adoption centers will allow you to adopt a Holland lop rabbit for a small donation, or even for free (obviously, you are always encouraged to give the small donation!).

Scroll down thru the lists to find Holland Lop bunnies for adoption near you:

Things to Consider Before You Find Holland Lop for Sale

Holland Lops are known for being gentle and active. However, just because of this, it doesn’t mean they don’t require work.

They need a lot of attention because they don’t like being left alone and they do need to be able to come out of their hutch to explore and burn energy.

Holland Lops are social animals and require companionship. This means that they need time and space.

If you aren’t around enough, it would be wise to consider getting a different breed.

holland lop bunnies for sale

If you are able to give them what they need, then they make great, low-maintenance pets.

The Holland Lop bunnies are very clean pets, even cleaner than cats. They spend most of the time in cleaning their fur, hence Holland Lops bathing is not recommended, bath your rabbit only if it is very dirty or has soiled itself.

A grooming session once every week or two should be enough to keep them in top condition, though during shedding season you might have to brush your rabbit up to a few times a day.