15 Best Rabbit Cages for Indoor Use: Review & Guide (for 2023)

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Keeping a rabbit as a pet requires a lot more care than dogs or cats, for example. The rabbits are much more sensitive animals, which is why they must be given special attention. Choosing the best indoor rabbit cage is very important for a proper development and a happy life of the bunny.

Although the rabbits may spend their time outside the cage, chasing around the apartment, you will still need to provide them with their own private space.

Looking for an indoor rabbit cage can be quite stressful when it comes to weighing the price versus the quality of the rabbit cage.

Look for a cage that is constructed of plastic solid bottom and a wire-cut part that is easily removed. The bottom should be about 20 cm high, which will certainly reduce the dispersal of food and litter outside the cage.

Avoid completely plastic cages as the rabbits may destroy them after a while. And remember, it would be ideal to place the cage in a quiet, warm, well-ventilated area in your apartment.

We have done a detailed review of many indoor rabbit cages and in the next few minutes we are going to share our list of Top 15 indoor rabbit cages with you. However if you own a large rabbit breed like the Flemish giant for example, then consider getting rabbit hutch for indoor use since a normal rabbit cage will not work for the large breeds.

The 3 Top-Rated Indoor Rabbit Cages

Editor’s Picks Brand Editor’s Rating
Best Overall Krolik XXL Rabbit Cage at Amazon.com4.0
Runner Up Living World Deluxe Habitat at Amazon.com4.5
Best Budget Buy MidWest Deluxe Rabbit Home Kit at Amazon.com4.1

#1 Best Overall: Krolik XXL Large Indoor Rabbit Cage

This rabbit cage is an ideal choice to house two rabbits. It has large elevated feeding area.

There are a lot of accessories included with this rabbit cage, like 2 large water bottles, 2 hay feeders, 1 feeding bowl and a separate wire extension ideal for nesting.

A key feature of Krolik XXL is having multiple doors. That will provide quick access inside the rabbit cage.

It is easy for maintenance and features a 5.5″ deep base to contain litter and entire base of the rabbit cage detaches for cleaning .

The XXL Krolik Rabbit Cage in burgundy with the included wire extension measures 63.8L x 23.6W x 19.68H inches. This XXL pet cage is an ideal choice to house two rabbits. This indoor rabbit cage comes with the wire extension plus all of the accessories you need to make a perfect habitat for your rabbit.

#2 Runner Up: Living World Deluxe Habitat

This rabbit cage for indoor is not the second place of our list. It has reasonable price given that it features a balcony with an access ramp, hiding place for the rabbit, a water bottle (outside of the cage) a dish and a hay holder.

Beside that, a key feature of this rabbit cage is that the wire top opens easily in 2 separate parts for easy access inside the cage. But also, includes a wire door at the front for additional accessibility.

The cage assembles using eight easy-to-use plastic clips, no tools required.

This Living World Deluxe Habitat has an upper wire frame and a plastic bottom base, that provides a safe, well ventilated and comfortable place for your furry friend, provides everything you need for safely housing pet rabbits.

#3 Best Budget Buy: MidWest Deluxe Rabbit Home Kit

This indoor rabbit cage measures 39.5L x 23.75W x 19.44H inches. It is small indoor cage, especially ideal if you live in a small apartment and need a safe place to keep your rabbit.

This is a great starter pack, since it includes all the basic things you need like a hay feeder, water bottle, feeding bowl and elevated feeding area. It does not requres any tools for assembling.

The  MidWest Deluxe Rabbit Home Kit is an excellent choice to keep both bunnies and owners happy considering its price.

How To Choose The Best Rabbit Cage For Indoor Use

Before moving to the next 12 indoor rabbit cages, lets understand what is important while choosing a indoor rabbit cage.

In addition to the size, you must also look at the material the cage is made of. On the market there are different types of cages, from wooden, plastic to metal. Avoid wooden cages, although commercially available.

Also, be sure to avoid cages with bottom-grid. Rabbits do not have pads on their paws (such as dogs or cats). This makes it convenient for them to have a softer ground under the paws and not a gird. Therefore, you should always choose a full-bottom rabbit cage, preferably a plastic (which is easy to clean).

Other Indoor Rabbit Cages

Even though they are not in our top 3 best indoor rabbit cages list, the next 12 are the best of the rest and each is still a great option for your rabbits. On the other hand, if you keep more than 1 rabbit and you are looking for a larger rabbit cage (or hutch) then be sure to check our review of the Best Indoor and Outdoor rabbit hutches.

The information you’ll need to compare each one is included with the listing.

#4 Krolik Extra-Large Indoor Rabbit Cage

This indoor rabbit cage measures 55.9L x 23.62W x 19.7H .

Includes large water bottle, feeding bowl, hay feeder, elevated feeding area ideal for rabbits.

Key Feature: A wood hutch ideal for hiding and nesting.

#5 Home Sweet Home rabbit Pet Cage

This is an ideal rabbit cage for starters, that live in small apartments. It is small, simple to clean, plastic bottom with odor resistant materials.

Food bowl, water bottle and hay feeder are not included.

Measures 28″ Length X 17″ Wide X 15-1/2 Height – 1-Inch Bar Spacing.

#6 Midwest Wabbitat Folding Indoor Rabbit Cage

Perfect indoor rabbit cage for starters. It’s durable, affordable, and it makes the best starter home for your furry family member.

#7 AmazonBasics Small Animal

An indoor rabbit cage with resanoble price considering that features a balcony with access ramp, tip-proof food dish, not leaking water bottle and a hay holder. It is backed by an AmazonBasics limited 1-year warranty

#8 PawHut Large Indoor Rabbit Cage with Wheels

This indoor rabbit cage has a large inner space that features a platform. The rabbit will its own private space for hiding under the platform. Having two doors, one on the top and one on the front for easy access , makes this a great cage.

It has 4 universal wheels with brakes for easy transport in your house or apartment and a removable tray is included for quick cleaning.

#9 Prevue Hendryx 425

This is another great indoor rabbit cage, that does not take to much space. It has a platform and a ramp, so the rabbit can go up and down without being bored. The cage has a tubular steel stand with plastic base, for easier cleaning.

The base is deep which will certainly reduce the dispersal of the mess outside the cage. The 4 wheels make this cage very easy to transport around the apartment.

#10 Kennel-Aire “A Frame Bunny House

This indoor rabbit cage is perfect if you plan to move it around the house, apartment, since it has 4 wheels. It can comfortably house one rabbit. It has two doors for easy access and a durable plastic tray that can be easily removed for cleaning. it has a fair price.

#11 Ferplast Cavie Rabbit Cage

Another, perfect indoor rabbit cage for starters. Includes Aal accessories to get you started. It has a small platform and a place for hiding. Suitable for small breeds of rabbitslike the dwarf rabbits.

Its price makes this cage one of the best indoor rabbit cages for beginners.

#12 YOUKE Pet Playpen

This is not a classic indoor rabbit cage, it is a playpen and it is DIY expandable.

You may need to additionally buy accessories like food bowl, water bottle and a hay holder. However its key feature is that you can expand the space with as many wire panels as you want, and make a perfect habitat for your pet rabbits for reasonable price.

#13 Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home

The key feature that makes this indoor rabbit cage a perfect starter pack, is that it has a deep base that will keep all the mess inside.

It has a platform and a ramp, as an extra room for exercise of the bunny. The bunny would love to use the place under the platform as its own private space where it can hide. Plus, it has a reasonable price.

#14 Kaytee My First Rabbit Home

This cage is another example of a perfect indoor rabbit cage for starters, that will keep only one dwarf rabbit. It has a deep plastic base that prevents the bedding from scattering.

It is very easy to assemble and has a chew-proof locks. Dimensions 42″ X 18″ X 21″ . This is another best budget buy considering its price.

#15 Petsfit Indoor Rabbit Hutch with Hideout 

This is a perfect large indoor rabbit hutch, that can house two medium sized rabbits. Considering its dimensions Dimensions: 35.5″ x 21″ x 21″ . It features a ramp, platform and a place for hiding. One of its key features is that the bottom tray comes out for easier cleaning. This hutch is easy to assemble and it comes with pre-drilled holes.