5 Of The Best Rabbit Breeds For Children

If you feel like your child has grown up enough to learn how to take care of another living being, you have probably found yourself thinking about getting them their first pet. Many children had a rabbit, which is exactly why we prepared for you a list of 5 of the best rabbit breeds for children.

1. Mini Lops

Mini Lops are known for their sweet nature and are qualified to be excellent pets. They tend to be very friendly, playful and easy to train.

These rabbits are highly intelligent and require a lot of stimulation: toys, interaction and attention. Small size and floppy ears make them one of the most desirable pets. They come in various colors: from black to fawn.

The breed is highly adaptable and gets along with any other pets you might have. To keep the fur in good condition, this rabbit will require frequent grooming. The breed’s lifespan is from five to ten years.

Best Rabbit Breeds for Kids

2. The Himalayan Rabbits

The Himalayan Rabbits are Rare, medium-sized rabbits, classified as one of the calmest. This is the only kind known to have a cylindrical body shape.

They tend to be gentle, intelligent, patient and playful, which makes them perfect for children. These rabbits are most likely to become attached to family members, enjoying their attention and care.

Their body is always white with different colored markings around feet, ears and nose, which can often be black or brown.

The Himalayan rabbit is not susceptible to any particular health issues and can be easily trained. Properly cared for, Himalayan can live for seven to ten years.

Himalayan Rabbit

3. The Dutch Rabbits

The Dutch Rabbits are one of the most common, popular and numerous breeds of rabbits. They are usually friendly, calm and can be tamed easily.

It’s known that the Dutch rabbits rather enjoy the company of humans; naturally, this is one of the best possible choices for a child. Dutch rabbits are smaller in size and have a compact and rounded body completed with small ears.

Their back legs are longer than their front legs and are usually very powerful and strong. Dutch rabbits are also intelligent and crave for attention and approval. With proper care, they can live for five to ten years.

best rabbit breeds for children
Dutch Rabbit

4. The Harlequins

The Harlequin rabbit is very popular rabbit breed, best known for being very colorful. Their coat comes in at least two or three colors formed in the shape of stripes, while their head is broader compared to other breeds of rabbits.

This breed is considered to be very playful, but harlequins can also be persuaded to snuggle with humans and keep them company. Harlequins are very curious and love to hop around and explore. They can be taught to perform different kinds of tricks.

With good care, the harlequin rabbit can live up to eight years, and in some cases, it can reach ten.

The Harlequin Rabbit

5. Chinchilla Rabbits

Chinchilla Rabbits are very famous for their silky and fluffy grey coat that’s similar to chinchilla’s. Because of their softness, children love to pet them, and chinchilla rabbits rather enjoy being petted and snuggled.

Chinchilla rabbits show a very docile and adaptable nature, and they will soon get used to living with humans, especially children, as well as with other pets. Chinchilla rabbits are a very benevolent and gentle breed.

They tend to develop good mothering instincts. Above all, they’re also quite intelligent, curious, and want to get involved in everything! With good and proper care, they can live up to eight years.

best rabbit breeds for children
Chinchilla Rabbit

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