Do Rabbits Make Good Pets For Kids

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Pet rabbits are getting more popular in the world. They are rated very high on the list of most favorite pets, especially among children. If you are considering to add a pet rabbit as a new member to your home, make sure you are informed enough about these cute little creatures.

Bunnies require a lot of time and devotion – and can also be quite expensive to maintain. In addition, even if the animal belongs to your child, you are the one who will still be responsible for the pet.

If your children want a pet rabbit, before getting one, pay attention to the following facts that we are highlighting in this article:

children and pet bunnies

1. Pay attention to your children’s age and behavior

Before even thinking about buying a pet rabbit, pay attention to your children’s behavior which is usually conditioned by their age.

You have to know that bunnies are very sensitive animals, especially to the behavior of their owners.

A rabbit is a living creature not a thing. It often happens that children perceive them only as a soft toy. So, if your children are a little bit clumsy or impatient, rabbits will show their dissatisfaction trying to bite them, or simply keep hiding.

2. Make sure your children are responsible enough

Before getting a pet bunny to your children, teach them responsibility. Explain to them that they have to take care of the pets.

It is very important to be gentle, full of love, compassion, and understanding. Of course, even if you, as a parent, think that your child is capable of taking care of the animal, you should still monitor and manage the development of the relationship between new pet and your child.

Ask yourself: What happens if a child loses interest in his new pet? All the care and maintenance will fall on your shoulders. And it will last more then a year or two. Bunnies live up to 7-8 years.

If the rabbits do not receive enough human attention in their early life, then they can experience stress from any care in the future.

3. Allergies

Take your child to the medical expert and make sure that your children are not allergic to the pet rabbit hair.

4. Inform your children about pet rabbits

First of all, you should make sure that you are informed enough about the behavior of pet rabbits. Then, try to explain to your children that pet rabbits will grow and change their needs and behaviors.

The main important point in the growth of pet rabbits is the 4th week of their age. That is the period when they change their behavior.

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They are becoming more independent and a little bit wild. They might be more aggressive and won’t allow to be carried around. So if you want to keep your pets, as the older they get, the more you have to respect their independence.

You cannot play with them so freely, as, for example with a cat or a dog. The bunny can be seriously injured in event of a fall, which can even paralyze the animal.

Bunnies and children

5. Daily activities of pet rabbits

Pet rabbits are the most active in the early dawn and dusk. This is the time when they like to run and play around.

Their sleep time is during the day, so you have to let them get enough sleep to keep them healthy. Make sure your children understand the rhythm of their pet’s activities.

6. Pet rabbits need to exercise

Almost like any other animal, pet rabbits need to play and run around, or in nature if it is possible. If you are living in an apartment, you must know that your pets will need some extra space.

7. Taking care of pet rabbits

Pet rabbits will need some time to gain confidence around your children. But, after that, they can be very loyal. Just, keep in mind their independence and explain to your children that they have to respect their will – they can cuddle pet rabbits when animals want that, not your children.

Pet rabbits and children can be very good friends. They only need to be able to understand the needs of pet rabbits, just as any other pet. But with love and care, they can build a beautiful relationship.