Hairless Rabbit: Can You Get it as a Pet? Facts on This Unique Bunny

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A hairless rabbit is a breed of hairless rabbit that can carry the recessive hairless gene.

A hairless breed’s fur is not connected to their skin and it will be soft to the touch, similar to human hair.

Some people have misconceptions about hairless rabbits because they are often confused with albinos. Albinism does not occur in mammals but it does occur in some breeds of animals such as birds or fish.

What is a hairless rabbit?

A hairless rabbit is a breed of hairless rabbit that can carry the recessive hairless gene.

Hairlessness in mammals typically occurs due to an inherited genetic mutation, such as with horses or dogs, or other mammals. But hairlessness in rabbits (such as the hairless breeds) is not connected to their skin and it will be soft to the touch, similar to human hair.

The gene which causes this “recessive” trait only needs one copy for expression of its phenotypic effect – meaning having two copies means you cannot have any hair on your body at all. This type of baldness will affect other mammals too if they inherit mutant versions from both parents.

Meet the world-famous hairless rabbit, Mr Bigglesworth.

Hairless rabbit, Mr Bigglesworth
Source: @mrbigglesworthrabbit/Caters News

Mr Bigglesworth has become world-famous for his lack of hair so he’s definitely one very special bunny! Where did Mr Bigglesworth come from?

First things first, this hairless bunny is actually a Rex Rabbit who turned out bald due to a recessive gene.

The current owner, Cassandra’s heart sank when she saw the breeder advertising it on Facebook. Under one of the photos was a sentence “hairless not for sale”, since no one knew if this rare rabbit would survive past infancy.

So, Cassandra decided to bring the hairless kit back home and name it Mr Bigglesworth, after the Sphinx cat in Austin Powers.

Unlike most rabbits, his parents have an ff gene (hairless gene). If two rabbits are bred with the same genotype they will produce a hairless rabbit in every litter. But most don’t live past 4 weeks of age, yet Mr Bigglesworth lives to tell his tale as one of the few survivors out there!

Are there any health risks associated with hairless rabbits?

The hairless rabbits will not have hair fur and their skin is sensitive to sunlight, so they need protection from it.

Hairless bunnies are also sensitive to heat since they don’t have fur that would be able to protect their skin from direct contact with sunlight.

They also don’t do well with cold temperatures, especially during winter. You’ll need to make sure your hairless bunny is at a comfortable temperature.

A warming pad and a towel can help to warm up your rabbit. You want to take precautions so that you don’t leave it alone while running the heating pad, as this could cause overheating or burns.

So place bunny in a box along with their littermates before turning on the warmer all the way for 10 minutes at first until they are warmed enough. Then turn off the heat after 30 seconds if not already too hot.

Make sure to get a suitable bedding for your hairless bunny and place it in a comfortable cage or hutch.

How do I take care of a hairless rabbit

It’s extremely important that you make sure your hairless bunny lives in a place with moderate temperature.

Aside from that, you’ll need to feed it regularly and with the appropriate diet. It won’t be that much different than other rabbit diets. But since hairless bunnies are a bit more sensitive compared to the rest, it’s best you take precautions and make sure it’s fed well.

Since rabbits are primarily herbivores, they’ll need a diet high in fiber. Young rabbits will eat alfalfa, grass hay, timothy hay, oat hay as well as fresh vegetables like leafy green veggies and root veggies to grow up strong.

They should only be fed pellets intended for their species that meet the eighteen percent more requirement of fibers or at least have no less than six percentage points greater protein content over 18%.

Where can I buy a hairless rabbit for sale

Sorry to burst your bubbles, but hairless rabbits aren’t breeds that are specifically or intentionally made by breeders.

It usually happens accidentally and the mortality rate of the kits is very high. The likelihood of the hairless rabbit’s offspring surviving and thriving like the famous Mr Bigglesworth is quite low.

This is why you will not be able to find any breeders or pet stores that will carry hairless rabbits for sale for you to buy.

But if you ever get lucky and come across an ad, as Cassandra did, there’s no harm taking a chance and adopting or buying the hairless rabbit.

Remember though, they are very fragile especially when young. And they’ll need much more care and attention compared to other normal rabbits.

Final thoughts

Hairless rabbit is an interesting topic that seems hard at first glance but is actually not as complicated once you start reading more into it. Rabbits can be hairless if their genes carry for this trait and with some adjustments and changes in care, these little creatures will flourish like never before.

Having a hairless pet rabbit can be a great and unique addition to have in the household. They’re cute, hairless, and adorable! I don’t know about you but they bring me so much joy when I see them.