7 Things to Know Before Getting a Pet Rabbit

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Everyone loves the little carrot-eating furry friends. But if you are thinking of getting a rabbit at your home, there are a few things to know that will avoid unpleasant surprises. In this article, we will give you a hand by listing 7 things to know before getting a pet rabbit.

We hope we can help you out so that you can fully enjoy your new lovely companion. here we go!

1. Rabbits can be destructive, beware!

If you look at them, you can’t imagine them causing any harm. But when you look away for a while your cables could be gone! And so can your plants.

So if you decide to have your rabbits accompany you inside, be sure to get all chewable things out of sight. Think about cables, plants and all sorts of paper.

A lot of people avoid this by keeping their rabbits outside the house and although this can be a good solution, make sure they have enough place to move around in and be careful with cold weather.

Next to protecting your cables and other belongings, also make sure your room is safe since there could be things that can be very harmful to your rabbits. These things include:

  • Chocolate
  • Several types of plants
  • Electrical cables
  • And more

2. They need space to play

As mentioned before, rabbits need enough space to live in. Not only to keep them healthy but also to keep them happy. Rabbits are quite intelligent so and they like to play around. The funny high hop they make is a sign of happiness so make sure they have the space to make such a hop.

The average rabbit cages in the pet stores are not big enough to provide a rabbit with enough space. So it is advised that you create some kind of enclosure that allows your rabbits to run around and hop freely.

Consider buying a rabbit fence, playpen, or playground it will help a lot. The bunnies will have their own private space where they can run freely and play with their toys. At the same time, your plants, cables and wires, and furniture will be protected.

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3. Pay attention to your children’s age and behavior

Before even thinking about buying a pet rabbit, pay attention to your children’s behavior which is usually conditioned by their age.

You have to know that bunnies are very sensitive animals, especially to the behavior of their owners.

A rabbit is a living creature, not a thing. It often happens that children perceive them only as a soft toy. So, if your children are a little bit clumsy or impatient, rabbits will show their dissatisfaction trying to bite them, or simply keep hiding.

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4. Bunnies aren’t cheap

Rabbits have a reputation for being low-maintenance pets, however, there are still certain necessities required for owning a rabbit.

It’s important to understand these costs before you adopt or buy a bunny, so you never end up in a situation where you can’t afford to care for your pet.

Keeping a rabbit as a pet requires a lot more care than dogs or cats, for example. The rabbits are much more sensitive animals, which is why they must be given special attention.

Although the rabbits may spend their time outside the cage, chasing around the apartment, you will still need to provide them with their own private space. Choosing the best indoor rabbit cage is very important for the proper development and happy life of the bunny, but it can cost up to $100.

Besides the cage, you will have one-time expenses for a litter box as well and monthly expenses for cage bedding, hay, other treats, and toys for chewing.

5. Vets aren’t cheap

Next to buying a proper enclosure and feeding them on a daily basis, rabbits can fall victim to a lot of medical issues.

The vets aren’t free and often aren’t even specialized in treating rabbits. So before you get yourself a rabbit or two, make sure you know where to go if your rabbit becomes sick, and don’t be surprised by a serious bill that follows the procedure.

6. Not all rabbits like cuddling

Even though almost all rabbits look like them came straight from a children’s cartoon movie, not all of them like being picked up and cuddled.

Just like us humans, rabbits have different personalities and different needs and desires. So before you just pick the cutest looking rabbit you see, make your acquainted with it and see if you like each other.

before getting a pet rabbit

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A good tip is going to your local rescue center probably has multiple rabbits waiting for you to pick them up and give them a home. The advantage is that the caregivers usually already know what kind of character the rabbit has. This will prevent surprises and you will be sure to adopt a rabbit that matches with you.

7. Consider getting two

Things To consider Before Getting a Pet Rabbit

In the wild, rabbits live in groups called herds. They are social animals that like to interact and play with each other. However much attention you plan on giving your bunny, it won’t be the same as the interactions with another bunny.

So before getting a bunny, consider buying a second one as well. This will not cost you much extra work as most of the things you do, can be done for the two of them at the same time and you will enjoy twice the amount of furry rabbit love!