Blanc de Hotot Rabbit: Get to Know This Mascara-Eyed Rabbit Better

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At first glance, the Blanc de Hotot Rabbit looks like a typical bunny – it’s white and has ears pointing upwards. But a closer look will show a subtle difference that sets it apart from all other breeds. That would be its eyes!

Blanc de Hotot bunnies have a black circle around its eye, making them look like its wearing mascara. It truly is a unique feature.

Now, before we go on, let’s clear one thing. You might have heard the breed name somewhere else, the “Hotot”. That’s because there’s another breed called the Dwarf Hotot. The Blanc de Hotot Rabbits, also called Blanc de Hotots or Blancs Hottentots, are actually larger versions of that breed. They’re not at all the same!

Origin of the Blanc de Hotot Rabbit

Eugenie Bernhard, the chatelaine of Calvados and creator of Blanc De Hotot rabbits, is credited with being one of two women in history to have developed a new breed.

This rabbit was bred as part of an experiment for breeding a bun that would be perfect for meat and fur purposes. She crossbred 500 breeds over 20 years before showing her creation (the Hotot) at a 1920 rabbit show.

What are their characteristics and personality traits?

The characteristics of Blanc de Hotot Rabbits include a small and compact body.

Blanc de Hotot bunnies are also known for their distinctive coat color, which is usually white with a black ring on the eyes. Makes it look like the Hotot wears eyeliner!

Blanc de Hotots can be very social animals that like to live in groups. But it may not get along well with other types of rabbit breeds unless introduced at an early age.

They are quite docile, making them easy to train and handle as pets.

The behavior and temperament of Blanc de Hotot

The Blanc de Hotot bunny has a wonderful temperament. They are docile and friendly and make for ideal house pets.

If you’re bringing a Hotot home for the first time, you’ll need to socialize them properly. Despite their friendliness, they still need to be slowly introduced to a new environment. And this is all the more important especially if you have other pets as well at home, like cats or dogs.

The Hotots may not be active bunnies, but they do enjoy playing with toys and keeping themselves entertained.

Colors and appearance of Blanc de Hotot Rabbits

The Blanc de Hotot is a small, slender rabbit with long ears and a short, black-tipped tail. It has an average weight of 4 to 6 pounds and can grow up to 15 inches in length.

Blanc de Hotots come in one distinct color – white. It has eye-markings that look like it’s wearing mascara! It’s one of the most unique physical traits of this particular breed that sets it apart from others.

The Blanc de Hotot Rabbit’s fur is the “flyback” type, which means it will return back to its original position after brushing or running your fingers through its fur. This is a testament to this breed’s original purpose, which was initially bred for its fur and meat.

Blanc de Hotot Rabbit breed
Source: Marshtackynut (Flickr)

What is the lifespan of Blanc de Hotot Rabbit

The Blanc de Hotot Rabbit can live between 5 to 10 years. They are one of the few longer-living rabbit breeds around.

Blanc de Hotot as Pets

Blanc de Hotots are friendly, sociable animals that enjoy the company of humans.

They also like to sleep beside each other so it’s not uncommon for them to share food with one another either (which isn’t really possible in wild-type populations). They typically don’t mind being held but may struggle if startled too suddenly.

Their curiosity can lead to trouble sometimes since these rodents love exploring new places and chewing on things that shouldn’t be chewing.

How to care for Blanc de Hotot Rabbits

Blanc de Hotot Rabbits are very social animals and need to be with other rabbits, they also enjoy being in contact with humans.

Due to their nature, they need to be kept busy. This means you should either provide your Hotot with a big enough hutch or playpen to roam and play or give them enough toys to keep them distracted.

The more interactions they get, the more affectionate and better behaved they will be.

When playing outside, make sure the rabbit is supervised by an adult or a responsible teen who knows what to do if there’s any danger.

A Blanc de Hotot bunny and a cat
Source: Wikipedia Commons

Health and hygiene of Blanc de Hotot Rabbits

Blanc de Hotot rabbits are bred for their soft, pure white fur. This is the key to Blanc de Hotot’s popularity and allure as a pet rabbit.

However, this also means that these animals have thinner skin than other breeds of domesticated pets such as dogs or cats which require more care for sensitive skin.

One way to take care of your Blanc de Hotots’ delicate skin is by keeping them out of direct sunlight when they’re outside. Only let them go in if it’s early morning or evening so that they don’t get sunburned.

It is important not to handle your Blanc de Hotots too often because you want their coat to stay clean and fluffy.

The diet of Blanc de Hotot Rabbits

Blanc de Hotot Rabbits are herbivores and eat hay, alfalfa pellets, fresh vegetables (such as carrots or parsley), and some fruit.

They can also be fed a small amount of animal protein if they do not get enough in their diet. These are usually the leftovers from other food dishes that have been cut into bite-size pieces.

The rabbit should receive at least 70% of its daily intake from hay or green foods like lettuce and apples to ensure proper digestion.

Do Blanc de Hotot Rabbits need cages?

The Blanc de Hotot bunny can happily live indoors and in cages. But they should be kept caged for long periods of time, which would be quite stressful for them.

However, it is important that they have a shelter such as an enclosed hutch with comfortable bedding inside. This is in case they feel the need to seek refuge from predators or other rabbits (or even if you just want to give them some privacy).

Blanc De Hotots like lots of space! So make sure your living area can handle your Hotot.


Blanc de Hotot Rabbits are one of the best pets you can have in your life.

They’re intelligent, they make great companions for kids and adults alike, and their fur is so soft!

If you want to live with a rabbit that will give you unconditional love year-round, then Blancs are the perfect choice for pet owners.