Best Hay for Rabbits

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Hay is generally considered a staple for rabbits of any age, especially young ones, because it is incredibly easy for the rabbit to digest.

Hay is the most important food and it must be always available for your pet throughout the day. 70 -80% of the daily rabbit’s food should be hay. Feeding your pet rabbit with different types of hay maintains a balanced diet, and minimize starvation.

The hay for rabbits must be of good quality, containing flowers and herbs.

Before choosing the best hay for your rabbit keep in mind that quality hay is green in color and has a pleasant aromatic odor, and it should be 1st or 2nd cutting.

A good quality hay for rabbits, regulates digestion and prevents dangerous hair balls getting stuck in their digestive tract.

But choosing the best hay for your pet rabbits can be hard. After doing a research we have created the list of 7 best hay for rabbits.

Our Top Picks: The 7 Best Hay For Rabbits

TOP PICK: Kaytee Timothy Hay

  • The Timothy hay is always the best choice for your rabbits. It is high in fiber which supports digestive health.
  • Provides added nutritional variety
  • Complements any Kaytee fortified food
  • High quality 1st and 2nd cut Western Timothy Hay blend

#2 Grandpa’s Best Orchard Grass Mini Bale

  • Dust Free Hay
  • High In Fiber And Low In Protein
  • Mini bales are the most efficient for feeding and freshness and allow for flake feeding.

#3 Small Pet Select 2nd Cutting

  • The Highest Quality – Premium Timothy Hay
  • Leafy With Soft Stem And Adequate Flower Heads.
  • 2Nd Cutting

#4 Vitakraft Timothy Hay

  • No Pesticides, Artificial Colors Or Preservatives. 100% Grown In America.
  • Hand Selected And Harvested
  • Supports Good Dental Hygiene
  • Compressed Pet Sized Bales.

#5 Standlee Hay Premium Timothy Grass

  • All -natural and free of any additives
  • Stimulates chewing, which promotes dental and digestive health
  • Excellent source of fiber, naturally low protein

#6 Small Pet Select-Sampler Box

  • Best Selling Rabbit Hay;
  • 2Nd Cutting, 3Rd Cutting, Orchard And Oat
  • Delivered Fresh & Minimally Handled
  • The Highest Quality – Premium Hay For Rabbits

#7 Viking Farmer Alfalfa Hay

  • 100% pure hay for rabbits without additives, preservatives, pesticides, or GMO products.
  • Rich in fiber, protein, vitamins & minerals designed to promote dental hygiene, a healthy digestive system, and shiny coat
  • All hay is grown, fertilized, harvested, and hand packaged by a family owned, 5th generation farm in Utah.

What Can Rabbits Eat and Not Eat?

It is very important to know what and how to feed your pet rabbit, but more importantly to know what NOT to give them.

Some food that looks like their natural food is actually extremely bad for them and should not be part of the pet rabbit diet.

In addition to the hay, a balanced rabbit diet should contain a mixture of leafy greens and quality dry food. Dry food is essential in the rabbits diet.

Food that warrant heavy chewing, which is necessary for keeping their incisor teeth at a manageable length since they grow throughout their lives.

Bunnies are known to be extremely fond of fruits. However, it should be kept in mind that bunnies tend to have a very sensitive digestive system.