Rabbit Screaming: Why Do A Bunny Screams?

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Hopefully, the sound of a rabbit scream is something that you will never need to hear. This is because a rabbit screaming never, ever signals something good. In fact, it signals that there is something seriously wrong with the rabbit. On this page, we want to talk you through some of the reasons why bunnies scream and, perhaps more importantly, what you should be doing if you hear that your bunny screams.

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What Does A Rabbit Screaming Sounds Like?

Chances are pretty high that you have barely heard your rabbit make a noise. This is because they are prey animals. In the wild, if they made a sound, they may end up attracting attention from things they really do not want to pay attention to them.

This behavior is also found in domesticated rabbits.

The actual bunny scream that you may hear will differ from rabbit to rabbit. It isn’t really a conscious effort to make a sound, it is through fear or pain. It just comes out.

Most people would describe a bunny scream as a really loud squeak. However it sounds, we promise you, it is going to be nigh on unmistakable. You will know if your rabbit is screaming.

Rabbit Screaming In Pain

The most common reason why your bunny will be screaming is that they are in intense pain. As we said before; the rabbit is a prey animal. In the wild, if rabbits scream, they are showing their weakness.

They won’t live much longer before they are a tasty snack for a fox or some other predator. This means that if a rabbit screams due to pain, then they are 100% in serious amounts of pain.

Now, the pain may be temporary. For example; they have managed to get their foot caught on something.

Dealing with this problem should be dead simple. If there seems to be a predicament that you can get the rabbit out of, then do it. Then, unless there is a visible injury, they should be fine.

The main problem comes from when the pain is not obvious. This could, for instance, indicate that they have an infection (common due to teeth grinding), or broken bones (which may not be obvious).

This isn’t really a problem that you can deal with on your own, so it is probably best for your rabbit to take them to the vet where they can be looked at properly.

That being said, a rabbit could also scream due to fear. This doesn’t mean that they are in pain at all. This leads us neatly onto the next section.

Rabbit Screaming Because They Are Scared

Again, rabbits are not going to scream unless 100% necessary. If there is a predator, then the rabbit is likely to scream. This is fear. Some people may think that rabbits are screaming in a bid to tell other rabbits but, no, it is fear.

The problem is that if a rabbit is scared enough to scream, it means that they are going to be highly stressed.

If a rabbit is screaming in distress and if the rabbit is not calmed down quickly, then the stress could kill the rabbit.

If you hear your bunny screams out of fear, then approach them gently. You will then need to pet them until they calm down.

Scared Bunny Screaming

If the rabbit starts to be attacked by the predator, then they will scream. This will be a combination of fear and warning other rabbits.

Sadly, rabbits are quite fragile creatures. If a predator has started to attack them, it doesn’t matter how quickly you get there, it is unlikely that your rabbit is going to survive.

The only time you may be able to save them is if the predator hasn’t quite reached them yet, but if the predator did come close then that rabbit is going to be incredibly stressed.

Of course, it is probably going to be best to keep them in situations where they are unlikely to ever encounter predators.

This means if a hutch is outdoors, then it should be covered. However, ideally, the rabbits would be kept in the comfort of your own home.

It is rare they will get scared there, particularly once they are familiar with the environment.

A Bunny Screams When Dying

We hate to say it, but there are some rabbits that will scream as they are dying. A lot of the time this is going to be due to stress, However, some rabbits will have seizures when they are dying.

Of course, there isn’t anything that you can do about this. About all you can do is comfort your rabbit a little bit. Let them know that they are not alone.

However, if bunnies are screaming, then it is likely to be too late to comfort them. It isn’t uncommon for the rabbit to scream very shortly before death.

The Rabbits Scream When They Are Angry

This is not really something that you will hear, but some people have said that their rabbits will scream at them when they are a bit angry.

Bunny Screams

So, if you are moving something the rabbit doesn’t want moved, or perhaps a little bit too close to the rabbit, then they may scream.

Obviously, the best way that you can deal with this is to just avoid doing whatever you were doing. Unless the rabbit screamed at you because you were stressing them out, then they are probably going to be fine right after.

Bunny Screams – Conclusion

So, there you have it. A rabbit screaming will never indicate something good. If your rabbit is screaming (i.e. the bunny screams in such a way that it is making a loud squeaking sound) then it does indicate something is wrong.

In fact, something is so wrong that you should probably drop whatever you are doing at that moment. It could potentially save your rabbit’s life.

If there seems to be no immediate cause for the screaming, and you really do not believe that you have made your rabbit angry, then it is important you take them to the vet.

That way, the vet will be able to check to see whether they have any health issues. Please. Please do not ignore a rabbit screaming.

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