Do Rabbits Make Noise and Sounds

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Do you have a pet rabbit and you have heard some strange rabbit noises or sounds? Are you wondering if it is normal for rabbits to make noise?

Rabbits are incredibly quiet animals. This is perhaps down to the fact that they are prey animals. If they made loud sounds in the wild, they would probably end up being another animal’s lunch. Despite this, rabbits do make sounds. You have to listen really, really closely, though.

Do Rabbits Make Noise?

Absolutely! You may be surprised, but yes, it is normal for the rabbits to make noise. However, they tend to be pretty reluctant to make sounds the majority of the time. In fact, it is rare that you will hear them do anything.

If there is sound in the background, then you won’t be able to hear your rabbit. It is a shame because if you listen to your pet, they will be able to tell you a lot about what they are thinking and what their needs are.

Sometimes, out of nowhere, rabbits can make all sorts of sounds and they can be pretty vocal sometimes. It could be excitement or happiness, or could also be hormones.

We want to take a little look at some of the most popular sounds that a rabbit can make. Ones that you are most likely to hear when the rabbit is living in your home.

What Sound Does a Rabbit Make?


This is possibly the most common sound for a rabbit. You really have to listen to the tone of the squeak, though:

If the squeak is high-pitched, then the rabbit is likely happy. If the squeak is low-pitched, then there is a chance the rabbit is scared and that you should likely back away from them.

Some bunnies make squeaky sounds when grooming too. Usually when they are twisted around trying to get to their back. Probably cause it’s hard to get to and lick at the same time.


Rabbits can get angry too. It is rare, but it happens. You may hear a low growling sound from them on occasion. This growling signifies that the animal is angry. You will probably be hearing this sound a lot if they are shedding and you try to pet them.


This is a ‘mating’ sound, although it can also be made when the rabbit is happy. if your rabbit is the only rabbit you own, then you probably won’t ever hear the honking. However, if you have a rabbit of the opposite sex in the building, then this is one that you are going to be hearing a lot throughout the year.

When a male is about to start breeding and has found a potential mate, then it will start to grunt. If it is close to a female at this time, then it is going to mate with them.

Sounds That Signify The Rabbit Is Scared

As mentioned before; your rabbit will make a squeaking sound when it is scared. However, it will also stamp the back feet (think along the lines of Thumper from Bambi!) and will also let out high-pitched squeaks when it is incredibly scared.

Your rabbit will need you when it is this scared, and thus you will need to look into calming techniques for your pet.

Have you heard bunny screams?


This is a sound your rabbit will make when it is eating. If they are clicking, it means that they are enjoying their food. If they are not, then you may want to change the food that they are eating to something different.


Finally; rabbits will make purring sounds, just like cats. This will show that they are content with life. It shows that you are a good owner. It is likely that you will hear (or at least feel) the purring when you are petting or grooming your rabbit.

For pet rabbits, most of these sounds indicate happiness, and some rabbits will grunt or make other noises when they want attention.

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