New Zealand Rabbits for Sale: US Breeders List for 2023

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We don’t expect that you can find New Zealand Rabbits for sale (white, red, blue, or black) in your local pet store. This is fine because in any case, we would like to encourage you to find a reliable breeder.

This way you will have more background information for the rabbits.

Been thinking about new rabbits? Look no further than the list of breeders in this article.

We’ve got a range of prices and breeds to suit all tastes, from basic to some more unusual New Zealand Rabbit breed varieties.

With some careful consideration, you can find a new friend that will be perfect for your lifestyle! We hope our list helps you find the perfect new rabbit today!

White New Zealand Rabbit for sale
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What is a New Zealand Rabbit

New Zealand rabbits are a medium-sized rabbit breed. They have thick, dense fur that is dark in color with a white marking on their chest.

They’re an intelligent breed of rabbit who’s known for being easy to train and gentle when handled from a young age. Not to mention their playful personalities!

If you’re new to pet rabbits or new to having pets in general, this might be the right breed for you. They’re easy to care for and won’t require much time or money on your part!

How to care for New Zealand Rabbits?

New Zealand rabbits should be kept in clean cages. Their cages should always have enough room to stand up on their back legs, hop around, and stretch out.

They’re heavy shedders, so they’ll require periodic fur removal (running a de-shedding brush through their fur works well). Their cages will need to be cleaned and new bedding added to their cages regularly.

You’ll need to provide new food and water for your new bunnies every day as well! Providing them with chew toys would be a good idea too – it helps to keep them occupied and happy.

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Why buy New Zealand Rabbits?

New Zealand rabbits are a popular breed amongst new rabbit owners. They’re gentle and affectionate towards their owners, they’ve got an intelligent mind, and they’ve got a variety of colors available!

They have thick fur that provides extra protection from the sun. New Zealand rabbits typically live between 7-10 years so it’s important to be prepared to care for them for a long time.

New Zealand rabbits are typically considered working class when compared to other breeds – this means they’re more affordable than other, pricier breeds of rabbits!

What new rabbit owners should know about New Zealand Rabbits

They can be trained easily and will learn things quickly. However, new owners should keep in mind that new New Zealand rabbits can be stubborn.

They won’t come to their new owner on the first command. So, be patient as training them will take a little bit of time.

They’re pretty good at learning tricks and following new routines! However, new owners of new rabbit breeds would need to provide new rabbits with new things to do.

They’re very social animals and new rabbits love being around new people! If you plan on leaving new rabbits alone for long periods of time, new owners should consider getting another rabbit for their new rabbits’ well-being.

A few things to keep in mind before buying a new rabbit

New Zealand rabbits are very social animals, new owners should consider getting new bunnies for their new rabbits’ happiness

New bunny breeds can be stubborn and sometimes difficult to train. Be patient when training new rabbits!

They also like to chew on things like shoes or furniture. This might not be an issue if new rabbits are kept away from new owners’ shoes or new furniture. That means – get them some chew toys!

New rabbit owners should keep new bunnies away from children, other animals, glass walls/windows, and sharp objects.

But more importantly, new rabbit owners have time to care for new rabbits properly. They should spend time with new rabbits every day!

This means a new owner should make time to spend quality time and help new bunnies stay happy and healthy.

If new owners can’t make this commitment, they might not be the right new people to own a new rabbit.

How much do new Zealand rabbits cost?

New Zealand rabbits typically range in price from $50 to $100, depending on the breeder. Rare breeds can go for a little more.

List of US breeders that list New Zealand Rabbits for sale

In the sites below we are sure that you can find New Zealand rabbits for sale near you (especially white and red).