Lionhead Rabbit Grooming

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Just like all rabbits, Lionheads are going to shed their fur, or molting as it is more commonly known. Your rabbit will need thicker fur during the winter months in order to ensure that they stay nice and warm. As they head into summer, they will start to lose this thicker fur to ensure that they do not overheat during the warmer months. During this period, Lionhead rabbit grooming is very important if you do not want your home to be full of the dead hair they loose.

lion head rabbit grooming

Lionhead Rabbit Grooming Importance

When your Lionhead Rabbits are shedding, it is vital that you groom them. This will serve multiple purposes:

  • It will stop you finding hair around the home.
  • Your rabbit will not get caught on furniture and other items, which could cause pain.
  • Your rabbit is less-likely to ingest a fur-ball, which could actually cause death (albeit rarely).

I’ve been grooming my lionhead rabbit almost every day since the day I got him. I knew I would need to groom, because Lionheads, with their wool, it’s mandatory. So I started a little every day to get him used to the process and it worked.

You should groom your Lionhead bunny with a brush every few days, otherwise, your house will be getting filled with shed hair.

Lionhead Rabbit Grooming Kits

If you are looking for suggestions for grooming tools to help with rabbit shedding, then you will find that we have found a good selection of them.

lionhead rabbit grooming

I use this Lionhead Rabbit grooming kit, It works WONDERS on getting rid of the dead hair.

lionhead rabbit grooming

I personally use this for my Lionhead bunnies. Working through fur and helping to brush away dead hair, dirt, and dander. Fur will stick to the glove, making it easy to clean, and the soft, eco-friendly rubber is free of materials that could harm the skin. K&K Pet Grooming Glove.

Cut Lionhead Rabbit Nails

Lionhead Rabbit nails should be trimmed every 4 – 6 weeks. Just snip the tips off. DO NOT go to short, you don’t want to hit the quick. Remember they have a quick (vein that feeds the nails) running through a certain portion of the nail. The amount that can be clipped off (and thus shortening them) depends on where the quick is.

Lionhead rabbit nail clipper I use Pet Nail Clippers for Small Animals:

Lionheads May Not Want To Be Held When Shedding

It is worth noting that when your Lionheads are shedding, it is unlikely that they will want to be held. They tend to get a little bit feisty. This is because their skin is going to be incredibly sensitive. The best thing you can do when a rabbit is shedding is to not touch them.

The only time that you should be touching them is if you are grooming them with a soft brush (they love this!). This does mean a week or two without cuddling up to your rabbit, but we are sure that this is going to be fine for you.

Learn How To Groom Lionhead Rabbit

Grooming lionhead rabbit can be very easy. If you have not done this before, and you want to learn how to groom a Lionhead rabbit, you could take the rabbit into the groomer.

I think that would be the best way to do it the first time. While the professional is grooming the lionhead rabbit you should watch closely.

Then you can do it yourself the next time.

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