Can Rabbits Eat Celery?

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Celery is a marshland plant that has been cultivated as a vegetable since antiquity. Celery and and its seeds provide rich source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It can be eaten raw or cooked. But, can rabbits eat celery?

Have you ever wondered whether you should be feeding your pet rabbit celery? Wondering how to prepare it to ensure that it is as easy as possible on your animal’s stomach?

Well, we have all the answers that you need on this page.

Can Rabbits Eat Celery?

Yes, rabbits can eat celery. In fact, rabbits absolutely love celery.

It is packed to the brim with nutrients, which are going to do wonders for the health of your rabbit.

It is worth noting that a rabbit can eat all parts of the celery. This includes celery leaves and celery tops. In fact, they will find these a little bit easier to digest. Some rabbits prefer the celery leaves, though they also eat the stalks. Cut up the stalks into 1-inch or so pieces, because of the fibers in the stalks.

However, just like the rest of the celery, you are probably going to want to give these to your animal ‘in moderation’. And remember to always wash the celery before giving it to your rabbit.

can rabbits eat celery

How Much Celery Can Rabbit Eat?

You should probably limit the amount of celery that your rabbit is eating. It can be tough to digest for some rabbits. Just a small amount of celery each week should be fine. It doesn’t need to be much. Most people will give celery to their rabbit as a treat as opposed to it being a key part of their diet.

If your rabbit has not eaten celery before, then don’t give them a lot of it right away. Most people will cut a small chunk of celery out. They will then hand feed it to their pet. They will then leave it a couple of days to see how well the animal has managed to digest the celery.

If it seems to be causing stomach issues, then they should absolutely stop feeding their animal celery…or, they could potentially feed it in smaller quantities.

You shouldn’t be feeding celery to any rabbit under the age of 12-weeks. They will not be able to digest the celery well at all.

can rabbits eat celery

Preparing The Celery

If you are going to feed your rabbit celery, then you will need to cut it up. Make sure that you cut it up into small chunks. If the celery is not cut up properly, then the fibers will get stuck in the teeth of your rabbit, which can cause them irritation.

It may even lead to choking. You should also hand feed the celery. Do not leave it in their bowl. It will be prone to going moldy, which can cause illness.

Always make sure that you wash the celery completely before you give it to your animal. This will wash the chemicals off of it.

Is Celery Bad For Rabbits?

In general no, it is not. Celery is on the safe list for bunnies to eat. However, the stem, with the strings it contains, is a little bit dangerous, rabbits can choke on, or can possibly get tangled on digestion in the intestines. So always remember to cut up the celery.

Other Non-leafy Vegetables you may consider:

All in all, ensure enough rotation of vegetables in their diet, not only celery. They are widely available at any grocery, providing a variety of nutrients and a balanced diet. As long as you exercise moderation, your rabbit should live a long, healthy life!