Flemish Giant Rabbits For Sale: Price and List of 7 Breeders in UK (2023)

Last Updated on June 8, 2023 by Talha

Are you looking for Flemish Giant Rabbits for sale? We have updated our list of 7 breeders in the UK for 2023!

Flemish Giants are quite friendly and often called gentle giants of the bunny world. Their big size makes them perfect for playing and cuddling sessions!

flemish giant rabbit for sale

Before you buy, make sure you do your research and go to a good Flemish Giant breeder, but you may also consider searching for rabbit rescues in your area before buying it from a breeder.

However, if you have decided to buy a Flemish Giant bunny from an official breeder then check the list of 7 UK Flemish Giant breeders below.

Where to Buy Flemish Giant Rabbit

The best place to buy a Flemish Giant Rabbit is from a reputable rabbit breeder. Alternatively, you might get lucky and find one at a rabbit rescue and adoption center.

Flemish Giants have become increasingly popular, which may make it easier for the average person to find these bunnies for sale online, for example, on Facebook or rabbit forums. But this might not be a good idea.

We encourage you to get your flemish giant rabbit from a reputable rabbitry and reputable breeder. This way you will have a better idea of ​​the temperament and any health problems that may arise.

Flemish Giant Rabbits for Sale – Rabbit Breeders in UK

Find in the list below Flemish Giant for sale near you. Scroll down or type in your state in the search bar to find your state:

Sally M.FetchamSurrey7984362691
Mr & Mrs R D WhiteHigh WycombeBuckinghamshire01494 882582
Churchtown Flemish GiantsSouthportMerseysideEmail
Playful Family BunnyBedfordBedfordshire7807168018
Private SellerChardSomerset7759101026
Private SellerWarwickWarwickshire7796396243

You might be able to find Flemish Giant rabbits for sale in your local pet store, but try to avoid buying Flemish Giant from there. You may be tempted by the availability and the price, but you won’t be able to get any background information on its breeders or the giant bunnies.

How Much Does a Flemish Giant Cost

If you want to keep the bunny as a pet, Flemish Giant can sell for anywhere between $30 to $80.

If you are planning to breed it or show it, a show-quality Flemish Giant can sell for anywhere between $100 to $400, depending on the pedigree and quality.

Ask yourself what you want it for. If you want it for a pet, you don’t need to pay show-quality prices.

Anyway, you’ll want to make sure you get a well-raised rabbit to avoid ending up with one that’s potentially aggressive.

Even Rabbits Deserve a Cozy home.

Take a look at the best hutches we have carefully chosen for your Flemish Giant.

Things to Ask Before You Find a Flemish Giant For Sale

Many people simply think that rabbits are just pet shop animals, much like a hamster or a goldfish. That is not true.

Flemish Giant bunnies are usually bred for monetary gain, so it’s best to avoid buying one from a pet store. They’re available often and fairly cheap but you don’t have any information about the giant bunny’s background or breeding history.

As a piece of advice, before buying a gentle giant from a breeder, ask to look at the pedigrees of the mother and father before you purchase the bunny.

Look at their bloodline and see how closely related they were before buying. Breeding a father to daughter or a mother to a son is safe line breeding, some rabbit breeders are saying. However, keep away from breeding siblings or even half-siblings as the possibility of genetic problems is greatly improved with this close of DNA.

flemish giant rabbit for sale

Ask about the temperament of the mother and the father, and look at their attention to hygiene, healthcare, well-being, and good nutrition.

And consider getting a large rabbit hutch or a dog’s playpen if you want to own the largest rabbit breed. Since a normal rabbit cage will not work for this breed.

Things to Consider Before You Find Flemish Giant Rabbit For Sale

1. How big is a Flemish Giant Rabbit?

The Flemish Giant can grow up to a length of 2.5 feet and weigh between 12-14 pounds on average.

2. How long does a Flemish Giant Rabbit live?

Flemish Giant Rabbits can live between 8 to 10 years, provided they are taken care well and age healthily.

3. How to take care of a Flemish Giant Rabbit?

Like most domesticated rabbits, Flemish Giants need to be fed a proper diet, protected from predators (by getting them a large hutch), and spend time with them to keep them happy. It will also help if they are not alone, since they are social animals.

4. What does a Flemish Giant Rabbit eat?

Flemish Giants need to be fed hay on a daily basis. They can also eat vegetables and certain types of fruits (in small doses) occasionally. Though they are huge in size, they still need the same type of diet as other domestic rabbits.

5. How much food do you feed a Flemish Giant Rabbit?

To feed your Flemish Giant as an adult, give it about 1 quarter cup of Timothy Hay pellets every day. If you have a Flemish Giant kitten or if he’s under 5 pounds in weight then decease this amount by about 8-10%.

4. Is there enough space for a rabbit as big as a Flemish Giant to roam around?

Consider your living situation. Do you have enough space for them to burn some energy? If you live in an apartment, then maybe this breed is not right for you. Otherwise, they will start having behavioral issues.

5. Are there veterinarians near you?

You wouldn’t want to be in a medical emergency and not know where and who to send your Flemish Giant bunny to get diagnosed and treated. Find a list of vets near you and keep that list within arms reach.

7. Do you have other pets that can’t get along with the Flemish Giant?

Getting animals from different species to get along can be tricky. If you have a cat or a dog, take your time to introduce your new rabbit slowly. Your current pets need to get used to the new smell before they can feel safe to mingle with the new giant guest.

8. Do you have extra time in your day to take care of your new pet?

The Flemish rabbit needs time and attention on a daily basis.

9. Do you know where and who you are buying your Flemish Giant Rabbit from?

Take into consideration who you are buying a rabbit from. Not all Flemish Giant bunnies for sale were bred with quality and proper care.

10. Can you commit to taking care of a Flemish Giant Rabbit for the long term?

The Flemish Giant can live 8 to 13 years. Some live longer, some live shorter, so they are a very long time commitment.

11. Are you only buying one Flemish Giant Rabbit?

They are social animals. In the wild, they live in herds. Consider getting two.