Can Rabbits Eat Strawberries

Yes, rabbits can eat strawberries. Actually, they love any type of berries. They simply love fruits.

When we get a pet, our entire life changes. It is almost like having a kid of our own. We worry for them, we take care of them and we want the absolute best for them, including feeding them the best food we can find.

So it is just natural that you would be worried about your rabbit’s diet and what you can and can’t feed them.

can rabbits eat strawberries

How Many Strawberries Can Rabbit Have?

They’re high in vitamin C and manganese and also contain decent amounts of B9.

The general rule of the thumb about how many strawberries you can feed your rabbit is that you can feed them 2-3 times a week and no more than 1-2 strawberries at a time. This is the safe limit.

2-3 times a week is perfect as a dessert or a reward, especially if you are training them tricks!

Are Strawberries Bad For Rabbits to Eat?

If given a lot more then 2-3 times a week and 1-2 strawberries a time, It is possible bacterial dis-balance within their digestive system, and may also cause a rabbit’s desire to eat only fruits, not their normal, healthy food.

They can also start to ignore the healthier food like hay or leafy green vegetables that they need to be consuming.

Can Rabbits Eat Strawberry Tops?

Yes, Strawberry tops are safe for rabbits to eat, and most bunnies just love them!

can rabbits eat strawberries

At What Age Can Rabbits Eat Strawberries?

You should not give them strawberries unless the bunnies are 3 months of age. Especially if their mother had none when she was nursing them.

If you don’t know whether the mother was fed with strawberries, until the bunnies are 3 months just stick to plain pellets and hay. Then you can start slowly introducing strawberries into their diet.

And remember to always wash your fruits before giving it to your rabbit. All in all, as long as you exercise moderation, your rabbit should live a long, healthy life !