Top 10 Biggest Rabbit Breeds in the World

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When you think of pet rabbits, you usually think of small and cuddly balls of fur that spend all day either lounging around or hyperactively nibbling on food. But wait until you see some of the biggest rabbit breeds on the planet!

Aside from their long, floppy ears, “big” is usually not the term you’d use to describe pet rabbits. 

However, thanks to crossbreeding, there are now more varieties of domesticated rabbits than ever before. 

How Big are the Biggest Rabbit Breeds

Anyone who wants to have one as a pet has countless choices to pick from to fit their pet preferences. For those that want something bigger and lazier, I’m glad to report that there are now lumpy giant rabbits you can take home with you. 

But how big do pet rabbits get? Well, think of a medium-sized dog, and you’ll have more or less an accurate description. 

So with that in mind, here are 10 of the biggest rabbit breeds in the world you would love to wrap your arms around with! 

1. Flemish Giant 

Flemish Giant Rabbits are among the biggest rabbit breeds in the world

First on the list is the Flemish Giant, which is easily the largest rabbit breed in the world. 

Capable of weighing up to 20 pounds, the Flemish Giant is a breed that dates back to 16th century Belgium, when it was first bred for its fur and meat. 

It’s popularly known that the Flemish Giant makes for an excellent pet and is best known for being docile and gentle. 

They also have a lifespan of around 8-10 years, making them a wonderful pet for growing kids that want to learn all about animal responsibility! 

2. Continental Giant 

Continental Giant Rabbit

Next up on the list is a breed that doesn’t stray from the gentle Flemish Giant. The Continental Giant rabbit is thought to have descended from Flemish Giants. 

Appearance-wise, they have long and powerful bodies and can easily weigh up to 16 pounds or more. 

More intelligent than the typical domesticated rabbit, this breed generally prefers not to be picked up, although they are still friendly and gentle. 

They’re more suited to children who have ample experience raising rabbits or taking care of pets.

3. Silver Fox 

American Silver Fox Rabbit

Initially bred in Ohio, this gorgeous rabbit breed is named after their coats. 

They typically sport bear black and grey colors such as the one found on silver foxes! Size-wise, a healthy, fully grown adult can weigh up to 12 pounds. 

But don’t be fooled by its size, as Silver Fox rabbits are very friendly and docile. 

They’re also famous for their “stand up” fur, which stands on its end when ruffled, and wouldn’t go back into place unless brushed! 

4. Giant Papillon 


Another breed from the Flemish Giants and French Lops, the Giant Papillon, is a slender and muscular rabbit weighing up to 12 pounds. 

Originating in France, these rabbits are easy to identify. 

They are very active and playful and are usually dotted with black patches in their shiny rabbit coats. 

5. Giant Angora Rabbits 

World record holder of one of the largest rabbit breeds in the world, a specially bred Giant Angora Rabbit

Royal in both their appearance and “giant” size, Giant Angora rabbits were initially kept by French loyalty back in the 1700s.

It was so that they could weave luxurious angora wool from their fur. Nowadays, however, they’re a famous domesticated rabbit breed known for being calm and easy-going. 

With their long, white fur and pink eyes, these rabbits are absolute showstoppers. 

They make for a beautiful pet begging to be taken pictures of as they spend their days sitting and lounging around. Once a royal, always a royal. 

6. Giant Chinchilla Rabbit

Giant Chinchilla Rabbit

Also known as the “Great Chin,” Giant Chinchillas are the biggest out of all the three Chinchilla varieties, capable of weighing up to 12 pounds or more. 

These rabbits are so-called because their coats are usually silvery, salt & pepper in color, much like actual chinchillas.

This color was first introduced back in the early 1900s and has since been bred into more and more varieties. 

Today, these rabbits have a gentle and sweet nature and have a typical lifespan of around 8 to 9 years. 

7. French Lop 

One look at a French Lop and you can immediately tell it apart from others. 

First bred in France (hence, their name), the French Lop is a cross between an English Lop and a Butterfly rabbit. The result is an intelligent breed that tends to be good-tempered around children, making them great pets.

Often weighing up to 15 pounds when fully grown, these rabbits are identifiable for their floppy ears, short frame, and dense coats with various colors. 

French Lops are a famous pet breed and are often sold in pairs as they like to be in company. 

8.  Hungarian Giant 

Originally called the Hungarian Agouti, the Hungarian Giant is a big breed formed through the selective breeding of wild rabbits and close relatives with pet-like traits. 

The result is a new specimen with less food-to-muscle conversion, making them more ideal as pets than livestock.

Still, this breed of rabbits is just as important as all others and can easily weigh up to 15 pounds when fully grown. 

9. Blanc de Bouscat 

Rare and beautiful, this breed originally came from a French couple who wanted a giant rabbit with white fur and red eyes. 

Since then, the species has steadily spread, resulting in this popular French rabbit variety.

Blanc de Bouscat rabbits also have silky and long guard hairs, sturdy ears, and an average weight of around 15 pounds, thanks to their French Angora ancestors. 

In the West, however, this breed remains relatively unknown. 

10. English Lop 

English Lop Rabbit

Identifiable by their floppy ears that fall on either side of their adorable heads, the English Lop is one of the oldest breeds of domesticated rabbits and was first bred in England back in the 19th century. 

These rabbits are often a lazy breed which, combined with their large size and friendly personality, make them excellent and cuddly pets for children. 

They also come in a variety of colors, although spotted or ones with white patches are common. 

Final Thoughts

So, which is your favorite? I know, there are so many to choose from!

These are the biggest of the bunch when it comes to rabbits, but they’re also some of the most gentle ones you will ever meet. 

So whichever one you end up choosing, I hope this article provided you with great insight into giant rabbits and their wide variety. Happy rabbit keeping!