Giant Chinchilla Rabbit: The Ultimate Guide

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The Giant Chinchilla Rabbit is a large-sized rabbit that originated from the Iberian Peninsula.

They are known for being docile, friendly, and gentle animals with a high intelligence level.

The Giant Chinchilla Bunny can grow to be over 3 feet tall and weigh up to 35 pounds!

This article will discuss these amazing creatures in detail and provide you with all of the information you need (including diet, health, behavior) so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not one of these furry friends would be perfect for your home.

Giant Chinchilla Rabbit breed

What are Giant Chinchilla Rabbits?

It’s often confused with the American Chinchilla Rabbit, due to its similarity in fur coating. But don’t be mistaken, the Giant Chinchilla Rabbit is much larger than the American breed.

In fact, they are actually a cross breed of the Flemish Giant Rabbit and the Chinchilla Rabbit. Which explains the gigantic size of this bunny!

The origin of Giant Chinchilla Rabbit

Giant Chinchilla Rabbits are a breed of rabbit that is not common in the US, but they were bred in France.

The originates come from New Zealand.

They originally belonged to the feral population there and have been crossbred with other breeds over time.

These rabbits came into popularity when people first started breeding them commercially for their fur which then became popular as a pet due to its softness.

These rabbits have been bred by many other countries like Russia, India, Spain, and Italy due to the ease of breeding them.

The appearance and colors of Giant Chinchilla Rabbits

Giant Chinchilla Rabbits come in many different colors, you can find them in a variety of shades and hues.

There is only one color accepted by the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association), but there can be under colors like dark slate blue at the base and an even darker tone with light grey in between.

Giant Chinchilla Rabbits for sale at a rabbit breeder
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The slight eye circles have to be pearl-colored and well defined while their underside tail must remain white as opposed to its topside which should mostly consist of black hair with some few exceptions for whites hairs scattered about it.

If you’re wondering what eyes they come in: browns or blues/greys will do just fine (though dark brown is preferred), so long as they meet these basic criteria!

Their fur is typically long and soft to the touch with white or light cream-colored underbodies.

Specific characteristics of Giant Chinchilla Rabbits

Giant Chinchilla Rabbits are considered one of the largest breeds of rabbits, often weighing in at 12 pounds or more.

They are a hybrid cross between standard and silky-haired rabbits and have large eyes that typically give them an alert look with their ears upright on top of their head.

These animals do not make good pets for children because they can be difficult to handle as adults due to size. They must weigh at least five pounds before being handled by anyone other than an adult.

Their feet always face forward which is another sign it isn’t meant for handling by small hands due to its larger size.

This rabbit type is known for being docile but at times territorial which makes it difficult when trying to keep more than one together because each wants its own space!

The behavior and temperament of Giant Chinchilla Rabbits

Giant Chinchilla Rabbits are known for their friendliness. They will reach out to you with a gentle nudge and will follow your hand when you pet them, which is very rare among other breeds of rabbits.

Many people who have bought Giant Chinchillas say that they make wonderful pets because of how docile they are.

This breed has all the qualities one would look for in an ideal house rabbit, as:

  • Their size makes them easy to handle
  • Sociable towards humans
  • Healthy and hardy enough not to require much extra care from owners besides food and water

Giant Chinchilla Bunny as Pets

Do Giant Chinchilla Rabbits make great pets? Yes! Giant Chinchilla Rabbits make great pets.

They are not only cute, but they’re also an intelligent animal that is easy to care for and handle.

A huge benefit of owning a Giant Chinchilla Rabbit as a pet is their ability to take care of themselves. You don’t have to clean up after them or feed them like other animals because they can do it all on their own with the help of hay pellets and water bottles at your disposal (which you provide for).

And just like any other rabbit, they enjoy being around people so much more than being alone in solitude or isolation.

How to take care of a Giant Chinchilla Rabbit

If you are raising a Giant Chinchilla bunny, it will need some care. Follow these tips to ensure they are properly cared for!

  • Giant Chinchilla bunnies should be kept indoors due to their size and temperament; outdoor time is only advisable if the rabbit has access to a large, safe area that is free from predators or other hazards such as traffic.
  • They require about 26 hours of light per day so make sure your bunny has plenty of windows in its living space. If this isn’t possible, provide an artificial source of UVB light (e.g., fluorescent bulbs).
  • The Giant Chinchilla Rabbit may not seem like a typical indoor pet but it can thrive when given enough room and attention – after all, you’ll never have bunny droppings on the

The diet of Giant Chinchilla Rabbits

Giant Chinchilla Rabbits require a diet consisting of hay, vegetables, and water.

They need to be fed at least twice every day with no more than an hour in between feedings.

A pile of fresh hay should always be available as well as clean drinking water for the bunny to have access to at all times.

Bunny food is usually bought from pet shops or online stores based on the rabbit’s weight but it can also be mixed by hand if required.

This can include things such as lettuce, carrot tops, apple slices, kale leaves, and other leafy greens combined with nutritious cat foods which are high in protein (such as tuna).

Health and Hygiene of Giant Chinchilla Rabbits

Giant Chinchilla Rabbits have long lifespans, typically living for more than ten years.

They are very active and energetic creatures with an average weight of up to eight pounds when fully grown.

Also, make sure that their ears are clean and check for signs of ear mites.

Rabbits have teeth just like us humans do. You need to check whether the teeth are seven down once every two weeks. Otherwise, it would hurt the bunny.

Chewing hay and woodblocks help them to keep their teeth at an appropriate size.

Do Giant Chinchilla Rabbits need cages?

Chinchilla bunnies are not caged because they have a natural instinct to burrow.

It is recommended that you provide some type of shelter for them such as an under-bed storage box or large cardboard box with the top removed.

They will usually take refuge in these shelters when it’s time to sleep and hide from predators while out harvesting their food

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a pet that will be just as cute and fluffy as the one in your favorite children’s book, consider adopting a Giant Chinchilla rabbit. They are known to have all of those qualities and more!

This gentle bunny is truly an animal lover’s best friend with its soft fur, friendly demeanor, and adorable looks.