The Rabbit Symbolism: Spirit Animal and Meaning (True Origins)

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Rabbits can be found all over the world and, as a result, rabbit symbolism is present throughout the world too. On this page, we are going to take a look at the idea of a rabbit as a symbol, and what it means in many different cultures. This guide, is meant to introduce you to the main concepts of rabbit symbolism and introduce you to the rabbit as a spirit animal.

The Rabbit Symbolism - Spirit Animal & Meaning
Rabbit Symbolism

Rabbit Symbolism – What do Rabbits Symbolize?

One of the things we loved about research rabbit symbolism is that there are so many ideas out there.

In the past, we may have associated a rabbit spirit animal with just one or two different ideas (mainly fertility), but there is a whole world of ideas throughout the world… if you just look into the actual personality of the rabbit.


This is probably the rabbit symbolism that most people are aware of. Rabbits are seen as fertile animals they breed like…well, rabbits.

Most cultures that have rabbits as symbols will reference the rabbit’s fertility to a degree. You will often find the rabbit as a symbol of Easter and Spring i.e. to celebrate new birth and life.

In fact, the Easter Bunny leans heavily on the idea of fertility, even if that is not readily apparent at first glance!

We suppose that this will also tie into the rabbit being a symbol of love. Of course, this concept is not anywhere near as popular as the concept of fertility.

However, there are some people who tout the idea that constantly finding the rabbit in your day-to-day life could mean that you should be focusing more on the love that you have, or more that new love could be just around the corner.


For many, rabbits symbolize fear.

They are always wary of the dangers around them, and they often need to flee at a moment’s notice when they catch a glance of a predator.

As a result, a lot of people who suffer from social anxiety will claim that the rabbit is their spirit animal. What they fail to realize is that rabbits have a rational fear when they are wary of danger around them.

This is fine. However, they are also an animal that is more than happy to face their fears. They get what they want. Yes, it is fine to be scared of things, but that shouldn’t get in your way of searching for greatness.

That being said, you could look on the other side of the coin. Some people have said that the rabbit is a symbol for socialness. You don’t find rabbits on their own.

They work in groups to accomplish their goals and to provide the most protection for the others that they live with. If you identity with a rabbit, then it could show that you love being around others…. but you do not want to be the center of attention!


Rabbits love to eat. They love to stock up on their food too.

During the winter months, a rabbit’s burrow may be full of food. This abundance is looked at positively in many, many different cultures.

People look at rabbits and see that the rabbit stocks up on food. The rabbit knows that it probably won’t be able to find as much food out there in the wild during the winter months, so it ‘saves’ it for when times are a little bit hard.

As a result, they are always having an abundance of the things that they need. This is exactly the way that people should be looking at wealth.

While we are on the subject of abundance, many people have claimed that if a rabbit appears to you in your dream, it symbolizes that luck will be coming your way in the near future.


Cleverness is another rabbit symbolism.

One of the reasons rabbits are so abundant and can thrive in even the most difficult situations is because they are exceedingly clever.

They are able to deal with situations easily. For example; in the wild, rabbits have come up with several ingenious ways to avoid predators. These behaviors are different throughout the world too, which shows how adaptable rabbits are to situations.

If you have a rabbit as a spirit animal, then this could indicate that you have innate cleverness. It shows that you are able to tackle bad situations, but you really need to be thinking outside of the box if you want to get the most out of situations like this.

Because rabbits are so wary of their surroundings at all times, some people have claimed that rabbits are a symbol for decision making and for making observations.

If you see rabbits constantly appearing to you, then it could mean that you have a good grasp on things around you, and that you are brilliant at making the right decisions.


Spontaneity is probably the rabbit symbolism that most people aren’t aware of. Let’s see why.

Have you ever seen a rabbit move about? If you have, then you will know that their movements are quite erratic. They can’t seem to stay in one place for too long. As a result, the rabbit spirit animal has come to symbolize spontaneity.

If you identity with the rabbit, then it could indicate that you have no real direction in your life and you are just hopping from one thing to another.

However, you could also look on the positive side. If you look at a rabbit, they do have a plan in mind. They are trying to get to a destination in the safest way possible.

Therefore, this could be you. It could appear from the outside that you are darting from thing to thing, but if you have a clear goal in mind, surely that is more important?

Remember; these are just some of the ways rabbits have been interpreted around the world. You can always feel free to make up what a rabbit symbolizes for you. As we have discussed; in many cases, you can look on both the positive and the negative side of the symbolism. Decide where you are on that spectrum.