Rabbit Cage vs Rabbit Hutch

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What is the difference between a Rabbit Cage and a Rabbit Hutch?

One is designed especially for indoor use while the other is mostly used outdoors. Let us look at each of these types of housing more in detail below.

Rabbits are great as pets. They are cuddly and soft and are gentle creatures. And this is the reason why many who own rabbits consider them as part of the family.

They provide for all their basic needs of love and care but most especially a home where they can feel safe and comfortable. Most rabbit pet owners keep their pets inside the home and provide a rabbit cage for it.

However, if there is not enough space indoors, then you can also raise your pet bunny outdoors in a rabbit hutch.

There are many ways that you can build a home for your pet rabbit. You can either make a rabbit cage or a rabbit hutch. These two are different.

Rabbit Cage

Rabbit cages are the usual housing for pet rabbits. Its construction is simple. It can be made of plastic and wires or it can be an all wire one, where the top, the sides, and the floor are all made of wire mesh. However, the indoor rabbit cage you choose must meet certain criteria,

Rabbit Cage VS Rabbit Hutch
Rabbit Cage

If you want to have a rabbit cage for your pet, you can choose between a single level cage or a two-level cage. In a two-level cage, there is a ramp that the rabbit can use to scurry upstairs or downstairs as it chooses.

This can help give your bunny better health because of the extra activity it will get hopping up and down the ramp.

If you raise your rabbit inside your home, you benefit from not having to expose them to bad weather conditions or wild predators.

And, you will be able to play with them openly. Once in a while you can let them out of their cage to hop around your house.

However, having a bunny cage means that you have to clean the litter container daily. This must be done if you don’t want your home to smell bad.

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Rabbit Hutch

Rabbit hutches are used outdoors. They are typically made from lumber with a fourth side made of wire.

Indoor Rabbit Hutch vs Outdoor Rabbit Hutch
Rabbit Hutch

The bottom is made of wire and the roof is a solid detachable piece for easy cleaning. It stands on 4 wooden legs which makes it easy to maintain its cleanliness in its interior since droppings can just fall to the ground instead of getting piled up inside the hutch.

This design also helps protect bunnies from their predators. And it keeps them protected from rain, snow, and the sun’s direct rays. However, when the weather condition is really bad, your rabbits will be exposed to them.

Hutches can be single level or double level. It looks like a house with the lower level enclosed by wire for protection.

The rabbits can run and play on the ground and sleep in their covered quarters at night. Double hutches are bigger than cages since they are outdoors for giving more space for the rabbits to run and play.

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Indoor Rabbit Hutch vs Outdoor Rabbit Hutch
Rabbit Hutch

Rabbit Cage vs Rabbit Hutch – Which One is Best for You?

These two types of homes serve the same purpose. If you had a big yard and you want to give your pet rabbit a lot of exercise space, then you should consider a hutch.

But if you live in a small apartment or want a cheaper option and you still want to give your rabbit all the care and attention that it needs, then you should give it a cage.