Do Rabbits Hibernate? During Winter and Cold Days

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Rabbits are typically considered a critter of the spring and summer. They are rarely seen during the winter, and so the concern if they hibernate is a valid one for pet owners. Rabbits make adorable pets. Their high energy, fluffy lifestyle, make them great for active family members such as children or anyone who just wants a fluffy and fun pet to play with. For fans of rabbits during the winter months, the question will arise, do rabbits hibernate?

do rabbits hibernate
Do Rabbits Hibernate During Cold Days

For concerned pet owners, preparing their rabbit’s home for the winter months is very important.

Whether or not your rabbit hibernates can mean a lot in terms of playtime, where your pet rabbit lives, and how you prepare its home.

Do Rabbits Hibernate During Cold Days?

Rabbit owners can rest easy, as rabbits do not hibernate. No species of rabbit is known to hibernate in the winter.

As a result, planning your pet rabbit’s home for the winter is a simple matter of making it as warm and inviting as possible. Though they may not hibernate, it is still a good idea to winterize your rabbit’s home to make sure it is safe and comfortable.

That said, rabbits do not actually hibernate, so beyond the standard preparations for the cold months, pet owners can rest assured their rabbit will be safe, comfortable and happy for the winter.

Make sure your pet rabbit is warm and safe while still being able to enjoy their fluffy goodness during the depths of winter.

Do Wild Rabbits Hibernate?

They have fur to keep them warm and wild rabbits don’t hibernate, yet survive very cold weather every winter.

Rabbits prefer colder temperatures than humans, they adapt to cold very well (but not heat). They have very thick coats to keep them warm.

Wild rabbits continue to forage and search for food even in the cold months. The reason rabbits are rarely seen in the winter is that they forage under the snow, searching for vegetation out of sight and safe from predators.

If the weather turns too cold, they will seek shelter in a burrow or thicket, much like they do during the regular months.

do rabbits hibernate
Do Wild Rabbits Hibernate in Winter