10 Most Popular Black Rabbit Breeds

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I’m sure you’ve seen your fair share of white rabbits, but have you seen black rabbit breeds? They’re no less adorable, that’s for sure!

If you like rabbits, then you know one of the most beautiful things about them (besides the fact that they are cute, friendly, and easy to train) is that they come in an incredible variety of colors.

black rabbit breeds

Some are grey, some are brown, some are spotted, and some are even speckled! Yet when it comes to rabbit colors, bunnies with a shiny black coat are unmistakably beautiful. It’s no surprise that black rabbits are one of the most popular types of domesticated rabbits.

So if you or your kid are looking for your new furry friend, then here are the ten most popular breeds of black rabbits that you can take home today! 

1. The Black Flemish Giant Rabbit

Black Flemish Giant Rabbit
Source: rabbitbreeders.us

If you’re looking for a calm and cuddly rabbit that you can hug or just lounge around with, then the Black Flemish Giant Rabbit is an easy go-to. Living up to their name, these rabbits often have an inky-black and shiny coat and an enormous size: quickly reaching up to 3 and ½ feet when fully grown. 

Their ears are also big and floppy, and most of these rabbits sport what is known as guard hairs – outer hairs that provide a lovely accent to their coat, usually in silver. Additionally, these rabbits are famous for being calm and timid, making them perfect for kids who want their pets less energetic.

They can also easily live up to 5 years, so give them your best love and affection! 

2. Black Netherland Dwarf Rabbit

Black Netherland Dwarf Rabbit
Source: petguide.com

Black Netherland Dwarf Rabbits, known for their small stature, are on the other side of the rabbit spectrum. At only 1.1 to 2.5 pounds, these rabbits also live up to their “dwarf” name and often have round and compact bodies, much like your kid’s teddy bear! 

Additionally, many black ones also usually have white bellies and chins and sport different, rounded ears that make them look more like a toy. But what these rabbits lack in size makes up for it in lifespan, as these can live anywhere from 7-12 years! 

3. Lionhead Rabbit

Lionhead Rabbit
Source: theeducatedrabbit.com

While these rabbits come in different coats, black lionhead rabbis are always a favorite by many, and that can include you! More “masculine” looking than other breeds, the lionhead is so-called because these rabbits tend to have gorgeous manes and longer hair, much like a real lion. 

But make no mistake! These aren’t as wild or as bitey as your typical lion, and they are still the perfect size for cuddling. Additionally, these rabbits are also known for being playful and affectionate, making them an excellent choice for kids who love running around and playing. 

4. American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit

American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit
Source: farmhouseguide.com

Adorable, compact, and fluffy, the American Fuzzy Lop is a product of interbreeding between the French Angora and Holland Lop Stock. Available in many coats, these lightweight bunnies are energetic little pets that enjoy being groomed and have a sweet disposition.

They’re also quite playful, and it will be no time before you see your child (or yourself even!) running around with these fuzzy things. Take note, however, that this breed tends to shed a lot of hair during the summer. 

5. Beveren Rabbit

Beveren Rabbit
Source: domesticanimalbreeds.com

While this breed has never gained that much popularity in the U.S., they are nowhere less adorable. Initially bred for meat and fur production, these medium-type bunnies have since evolved into great, domesticated house pets. 

These Belgian-born rabbits are also famous for their silky and luxurious hair, making them adaptable enough to keep as pets in an outdoor hutch. They’re also generally mild and timid-mannered, so no need to worry about them escaping and wandering. 

6. English Lop Rabbit

English Lop Rabbit
Source: petkeen.com

Considered one of the ancestors of the Lop breeds that we see today, the English Lop is best known for its absurd ear size, which can grow up to 30 inches measured from tip to tip. And while you can find them in other coats, many in the “self” color group have full black coats with only the insides of their ears showing a hint of pink. 

Generally, these rabbits can be considered lazy, although they can also be outgoing and friendly. 

7. Black Havana Rabbit

Black Havana Rabbit
Source: herebunny.com

Named for its rich, dark color (which was thought to resemble a Cuban cigar), the Black Havana Rabbit has short black fur that is relatively easy to maintain and keep shiny. All that they need grooming-wise is a going-over with a slick brush at least once a week. 

As far as rabbits go, Black Havanas are calm and don’t require much playtime. That said, they’d appreciate getting allowed out of their cage at least a few times every week. 

8. The Black Satin Rabbit

The Black Satin Rabbit
Source: domesticanimalbreeds.com

Black Satin Rabbits are known for their bright and curious eyes, as well as their ears that stand straight and full. They’re also named after their ultra-silky and super-shiny fur, which does need some combing over with a brush. However, remember that they go through shedding a few times each year. 

As pets, these rabbits are mild and curious and make for great pets for young kids. 

9. Black Polish Rabbit

Black Polish Rabbit
Source: pethelpful.com

In a word, the Black Polish Rabbit can be described as round! More compact than other rabbit breeds, the Black Polish Rabbit usually has a rounded face and more rounded ears. As pets, they enjoy being held and are considered cuddlers and are known for being docile and having an affectionate personality. 

These rabbits are also easier to train than other rabbit breeds, which is why you always see them with magicians on stage! 

10. Black French Angora Rabbit

Black French Angora Rabbit
Source: petguide.com

One of the more distinct rabbit breeds, the Black French Angora Rabbit, is easily identifiable thanks to its extremely long, fluffy, soft fur called “wool.” This wool often gets sheared and gets turned into clothes or blankets, as they are hypoallergenic.

These rabbits are very hygienic and do not require much grooming. They’re also quite playful, and your kid is sure to have fun watching them hop around with all of their fluffy hair!