Angora Rabbits For Sale and Quick Breed Guide (2023)

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The Angora rabbit is perhaps the oldest continually bred rabbit in the world. It first appeared a good 900-1,000 years ago and has gone from strength to strength since then. If you haven’t already decided which Angora breed to buy, don’t worry, let us introduce the Angora breeds to you. Then we are here to help you find the best reputable breeders, rabbitry, rescues, and adoption centers, where you can surely find Angora rabbits for sale or adoption.

Things to Consider Before You Find Angora Rabbits for Sale

Before we dive into where to find Angora rabbits for sale, we do want to point out that there are health issues that are prevalent among all of them. This is the price that they pay for their fur.

Since the fur is so thick and fluffy, there is a good chance that the Angora rabbit will end up ingesting the fur. There is little you can do to combat this. Now, there is a good chance that it will pass through their system if they only consume a little.

angora rabbits for sale

However, you can’t take that risk. Every couple of months, you need to completely trim the fur of the rabbit to ensure that they remain healthy. Remember; if they swallow too much fur, then they will die. This is something that (obviously) needs to be avoided.

In addition to this, you will need to regularly check your Angora rabbit to ensure that they are not suffering from wool mites. There are plenty of guides out there that can make it easy for you to do this.

Finally; it is worth noting that the Angora rabbit is very furry. Which you already knew. This is important to know because it means the Angora rabbit is not going to thrive in hotter locations. It can overheat.

If you are living in a hotter climate, then you need air conditioning in your home. You also need to make sure that the rabbit is kept nice and trim.

We want to point out that you might be able to find Angora bunnies for sale in your local pet store, but try to avoid buying from there. You may be tempted by the availability and the price, but you do not have any background information.

We encourage you to get your rabbit from a breeder, as we said earlier, you will have a better idea of ​​the temperament and any health problems that may arise. Look for a breeder that is breeding for show stock and your pet will be wonderful.

Despite the calm and tranquil nature of the Angora rabbit breed, we would not recommend them to families or those new to raising rabbits. There is just too much to think about and actually do to ensure that your rabbit stays nice and healthy.

English Angora Rabbits for Sale (2023 Updated)

The English Angora is the fluffiest of the Angora rabbit breeds. In fact, just about every part of their body is going to be covered in fur growths. This means their entire face, with only their nose and the immediate area around their eyes being able to avoid the fur.

It is no wonder that the English Angora is probably the ‘top wanted’ breed among those who are looking for Angora rabbits for sale.

Moreover, it is worth noting that if you do not have much experience with rabbits, and you are unlikely to be able to look after your rabbit all that much, then this is a rabbit that you must avoid. It is pretty difficult for you to deal with the fur if you don’t have any idea what you are doing.

If you are lucky enough to live near a local rabbit breeder where you can find English Angora rabbits for sale, that is great. If, however, you are among the unfortunates that are unable to do so, consider the following sites as good options where you can find reputable breeders:

French Angora Rabbits for Sale (2023 Updated)

The largest Angora rabbit breed is the French Angora. At some point, the French Angora was related pretty close to the English Angora, and for a long while, they were regarded as pretty much the same breed.

The difference with the French angora is that it is not covered in fur in the same way that the English version of the breed is. There will be a little bit of fur, but it is a bit denser than the English Angora.

The benefit is that you do not have to maintain the fur in the same way. In fact, if you are looking for an angora rabbit, but are not that great when it comes to grooming and the like, then the French Angora is going to be very much a good breed for you.

In the lists below you will surely find French Angora rabbits for sale near you, just scroll down thru the lists to find your state:

German Angora Rabbits for Sale (2023 Updated)

It will be very difficult to find German Angora rabbits for sale because the German Angora is not regarded as a proper distinct breed. Although, it is likely to be one in the near future. This breed can grow huge, and it is often regarded as one of the largest rabbits out there. It can weigh up to a whopping 12 lbs!

This is an incredibly hairy rabbit, and some people claim that it is a little bit on the chunky side. If you have a German Angora, then you need to remember that it is going to require a lot of looking after. For starters; it is going to need to have a lot of space to roam about and lounge in.

This is the type of rabbit that you will want to be living inside of your home.

Nevertheless, this is where you should try to find German Angora rabbits for sale:

Giant Angora Rabbits for Sale (2023 Updated)

angora rabbits for sale ,  English, French, Giant, German.

If you can’t find a German Angora rabbit for sale, don’t worry, this is actually the closest possible rabbit to the German Angora. In fact, the whole reason why the Giant Angora exists is that the German Angora couldn’t actually be shown at official rabbit shows!

Are you in a hurry?

Since you are trying to find Angora bunnies for sale, you might be looking into rabbit hutches? We have carefully looked into the best rabbit hutches in the market today and can recommend which is best suited for your rabbits. Click here to take a look at our curated list.

Angora Rabbit Adoption and Rescue Centers (2023 Updated)

Finding Angora rabbits for sale is not easy, but what if we tell you that rabbit rescue and adoption may be a good idea as well?

Recognizing a Good Angora Rabbit

Obviously, each rabbit you buy is going to be quite distinct in terms of personality. However, generally speaking, nearly every Angora rabbit we have ever seen has been nice and calm. They are very sociable and they enjoy being petted.

After deciding which Angora rabbit you want, you must learn how to tell if a particular rabbit is right for you. For the most part, that means making sure the rabbit is healthy and exhibits the proper characteristics of its breed. Look for these signs:

  • Bright eyes
  • Clean ears
  • General condition of the rabbit, fur should be clean and smooth
  • Teeth should line up correctly
  • Nose should be dry and clean