Thrianta Rabbit: An Incredibly Simple Rabbit To Raise

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The Thrianta Rabbit is one of the rarest rabbit breeds now. You can still buy them, but the Thrianta Rabbit that we know and love today is not exactly the same as the Thrianta Rabbit that existed in the middle of the 20th Century.

Let’s take a little look at this breed in a bit more depth, shall we?

Where Did Thrianta Rabbits Came From?

The original Thrianta Rabbit started development near the start of the 20th Century in the Netherlands. The intention was for the rabbit to become one of the official rabbit breeds for the Dutch monarchy.

Now, the Thrianta Rabbit didn’t exactly have the best start to its life. It only got to remain a full breed for a short while.

Thrianta rabbit
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After a lot of effort in developing the breed, the Thrianta Rabbit was officially recognized as an official breed in the Netherlands at the start of May 1940. History lovers will know that just a couple of days later, Germany decided to invade the country.

This meant that World War II was in full swing.

Over the course of the war, the Thrianta rabbit was bred extensively. Despite its small size, it made a surprisingly decent meat rabbit. The problem was that since everybody was eating the Thrianta rabbit, there were not really that many left 5-years later when the war was officially over.

In fact, the breed was pretty close to extinction.

This is when the development of this breed changed. The breed ended up being taken to Germany where it was bred with various German rabbits. This happened over the course of several decades.

Eventually, the rabbit ended up in the United Kingdom and, in the 1990s, the Thrianta Rabbit hit the shores of the United States.

Today it is recognized by both, the British Rabbit Council and the American Rabbit Breeders Association.

The Look of the Thrianta Rabbits

The Thrianta bunny is a compact rabbit breed. This means that it is small. It is a wonder that it used to make such a great meat rabbit. We suppose it is likely because the original Thrianta Rabbits were so easy to breed.

At most, the rabbit is going to be weighing a maximum of around 6.1 lb (2.7kg).

The entire color of the Thrianta Rabbit is orange, mixed with a hint of scarlet red. It is not available in any other color. If there are any discolorations in the rabbit, then it is not going to be recognized as a proper Thrianta Rabbit by breeding societies.

The same goes for the ear length, if they do not have short ears, then they probably will not be allowed to enter rabbit shows.

This rabbit has thick, dense fur. It is going to be very, very soft to the touch. Honestly, all in all, this is a pretty stunning-looking rabbit.

The Thrianta Rabbit as a Show Rabbit

The Thrianta Rabbit is a popular show rabbit. In fact, most of the breeding done for this rabbit will be with the intention of taking it into a show environment.

Because, in comparison to other breeds, the Thrianta Rabbit is still pretty new to the scene in the United States, it is not bred as extensively as other breeds.

In some parts of the United States, you may not be able to find a single breeder for it, while in others there will be a huge number of them.

If you are looking to get into breeding rabbits with the intention of showing them off, then the Thrianta bunny may be a brilliant place to get started.

You can buy rabbits that are almost of a show quality at a cheap price, and breeding them isn’t going to be that difficult.

Obviously, you probably will not be competing with some of the best breeders for a few years, but you will stand a better chance than with most other rabbit breeds.

Of course, you do not have to be taking this rabbit to a show if you want to appreciate the good looks that it offers. A lot of people will have this rabbit as an ornamental animal.

In fact, they may have a few of them. It is a true delight to see this orange-colored rabbit hopping around the yard, or even in your home. We genuinely mean it when we say that there are very few rabbits that look better than this one.

The Thrianta Rabbit as a Meat Rabbit

We know that this rabbit was almost wiped out because it was eaten extensively for meat. However, this was more out of necessity than anything else. There was a war going on, after all.

This is not a rabbit that you could raise for meat. It is just too small of a breed. It wouldn’t make economical sense. Although, you would end up with some decent pelts if you really wanted to go down that way.

The Thrianta Rabbit as a Pet

If you can find the Thrianta bunny available, then it is going to be making a great pet. Check out this video to find out why:

Part of the reason why it was raised so extensively during the war over other breeds is that it is a fairly easy rabbit to raise. There are no health issues with this rabbit. At least not outside of the typical health issues that rabbits often have.

Many people would suggest that the Thrianta Rabbit makes a good pet. This is because it is going to be an incredibly simple rabbit to raise. There are no special care requirements.

The small size means that it should be able to fit into most places with ease too. In fact, we reckon that this rabbit would make a decent apartment-based pet.

It is a good rabbit for children too. It is friendly and very calm. You will never encounter an aggressive Thrianta Rabbit. However, it may not be good for the youngest of children unless they are taught how to handle the rabbit correctly. This is because it is a small rabbit, and the smallest of drops could severely injure it.

All in all, if you are going to be raising the Thrianta Rabbit as a pet, we do believe that you are going to end up with a wonderful animal that will give you a ton of love over the course of its 7-year average lifespan.