Satin Angora Rabbits: Important Considerations when Caring for One

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What are Satin Angora Rabbits?

Satin Angora Rabbit

One of the most popular breeds of rabbit is the Satin Angora.

These rabbits are known for their soft fur which can be used to make clothing, blankets, and other items.

They are also a very sweet breed with many great qualities that make them an excellent choice for those looking to have a pet as well as someone who wants to raise one just for show.

Here are some things you should consider when raising this type of bunny in your home.

This article will discuss Satin Angoras including important considerations when caring for one!

Origin and History

The Satin Angora rabbit is a recent innovation, that can trace its linage to John C. Fehr who first created the satinized Angoras in 1930s.

However, he gave up on this project because of his belief that their fur was weak

So it took fifty long years before Leopoldina Meyer came across one with beautiful copper colored hair which inspired her to pair them with French angoras as result leading into kindling for something new!

Characteristics of Satin Angora Rabbits

Satin Angora Rabbit


A Satin Angora bunny is a breed of rabbit that usually has distinctive silky, bright white fur and dark points (ears, nose, feet).

The fibers in the fur are shiny because they have been sheared to lie flat.

Often when you feel the skin under this coat it feels as soft as silk due to how much care goes into grooming them each day.


The colors of Satin Angora rabbits are varying shades of white, cream, and beige or a combination of these colors.

The Lifespan

Satin Angora Rabbits have an average lifespan of around 7 – 12 years.

The size

Satin Angora Rabbits are small, which means they might be vulnerable to being picked up by young children.

The coat

Satin Angora Rabbits are known for their long, soft coat.

Satin Angoras’ fur is the product of a recessive gene.

The case around pigment in each hair can’t be seen, which makes their coat look like satin and gives it an interesting gleam or sheen.

This also means that because there are smaller strands of hair on this rabbit’s body, they produce some of the finest wool out there!

The behavior/ temperament

The Angora rabbit is prized for its long hair that can be harvested and woven into beautiful pieces of cloth. That’s probably why they’re so docile and friendly to humans – they’ve been bred expressly for our touch!

These beautiful rabbits have a well-mannered temperament.

They love human attention and will nap anywhere they can find some peace and quiet, whether that be on top of your favorite sweater or in the corner you forgot to vacuum.

Satin Angora’s are also known for their playful antics which include rolling around with any toy near by!

Satin Angora Rabbits as Pets

Satin Angora Rabbit

Do Satin angora Rabbits make great pets? Sure! Satin Angora rabbits are super soft and have an amazing temperament. They’re pretty easy to maintain too, which is why they make a great pet in our opinion.

Pros of owning a Satin Angora Rabbit

Pros of owning a Satin Angora Rabbit include:

  • They are very soft and look adorable.
  • You can show them at shows or contests, but not all Satin Angora Rabbits make it to the final round of judging because they have a tendency to shed their coat in patches.
  • Considered hypoallergenic by many people who suffer from allergies due to low levels of dander (dead skin cells).
  • they can be found relatively cheap at pet stores.
  • They also require less frequent trips outdoors for exercise because they stay in one place more often than others do.

Cons of owning a Satin Angora Rabbits

Satin Angora Rabbits require a lot of attention and care. They are not the type of rabbit that can be left alone for long periods of time without being unhappy, bored or stressed.

The need to have their coat brushed often in order to keep it looking nice and healthy because they do shed quite a bit especially during changes in weather or seasons which requires more brushing.

How to care for your Satin Angora Rabbit?

Satin Angora Rabbit

The rabbit should be combed at least three times per week with a brush that has been designated for the task.

Be sure to clean and disinfect your tools after every use, or more often if you have multiple bunnies in need of grooming services from time to time!

Health and Hygiene of Satin Angora Rabbits

Satin Angora bunnies are often bred for their long, soft hair. This type of coat will grow thick with dirt and stains if not brushed regularly so you’ll need to make sure your rabbit has a grooming session at least once or twice every week.

As well as brushing the rabbit’s fur, it is important to properly care for its teeth too. To do this, use toothpaste made specially for pets such as CET Enzymatic Toothpaste (available on Amazon) and gently rub either side of one tooth at a time using an electric brush or cotton wool bud until all the plaque build up is removed.


Satin Angora Rabbits are not known to be picky eaters, which makes them a more ideal pet than other rabbits.

They need their diet to consist of hay and grasses found outdoors so that they can have healthy gut flora create by the fiber in these foods.

In addition, you may want to add fresh vegetables on occasion for variety as well as treats made from pellets or baby food.

It’s important never feed your rabbit watermelon since it is unsafe for both humans and animals alike due to its high sugar content.

Do Satin Angora Rabbits need cages?

Satin Angora Rabbit

Satin Angora Rabbits don’t necessarily need cages if they are being kept indoors. A large living space with a solid floor and an area in which the rabbit can hide is all that is needed.

The Satin Angora bunny should be free to roam about within their home at will, but needs its own private areas where it can escape from any other pets or children who come over for visits.

If you live in a smaller apartment then consider providing them with plenty of x-pen time outside of their cage so they have some room to stretch out during the day while you’re gone.


The Satin Angora Rabbit is a beautiful breed of rabbit with long, soft fur. It takes time and care to raise one but the benefits are worth it!