Rex Rabbit for Sale: List of Reputable Breeders in US (2023)

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If you’re in search of Rex Rabbit for sale in the US, you’re in luck.

Rex Rabbits are one of the most popular types of domestic rabbits. Dubbed the “King of Rabbits”, they are a type of rabbit that comes in many different colors like black, brown, blue, and white. They have fluffy coats and distinctive markings which make them an attractive pet for many people.

In case you’re unsure, Rex Rabbits are a completely different breed from Mini Rex Rabbits. The Rex is a lot bigger compared to the Mini Rex.

This article will walk you through Rex Rabbits breeders, their prices, and the things you should ask and consider before buying a Rex rabbit.

Rex Rabbit for sale in US
Credit: Dennis (Flickr)

Where to buy a Rex Rabbit in the US

We have updated our list for 2021. Here is a list of Rex Rabbit breeders in different states of the US:

3H RabbitryLufkinTexasEmail936-404-7509
Alpine RabbitryCanon CityColoradoEmail719-276-3311
Bubbles BunniesKirbyvilleTexasEmail409-332-0625
Busy Cat RabbitryRentonWashingtonEmail206-939-7620
C Squared RabbitryRainerOregonEmail503-317-8937
Clyde FarmsRenoNevadaEmail775-762-2759
Cradle Butte Fur and FiberRozetWyomingEmail307-670-5352
Cricket Hill RabbitryWoodburyTennesseeEmail615-542-1696
DawgGawn Rabbits----
Dearborn Desert Rabbitry-Kentucky-859-533-3635
Desert Sage RabbitrySaint StephensWyomingEmail307-709-7212
Donut Hole Ranch RabbitryShoshoniWyomingEmail13072400641
Emily LaytonSaint CloudFloridaEmail407-957-4764
Flip Flop Farm of St AugustineSt. AugustineFloridaEmail904-377-4116
Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry-DelawareEmail302-492-1197
Gail BurnoHot SpringsSouth DakotaEmail907-830-1367
Gardner RabbitryCastle RockWashingtonEmail360-749-6789
God's Country RabbitryTaylorsvilleKentuckyEmail502-889-7420
Good Times RabbitryPrinevilleOrlandoEmail541-905-9474
Hi-Dez HomesteadMarksvilleLos AngelesEmail337-302-3620
Jipcie RabbitryFreeportFloridaEmail850-401-2088
Keepar RabbitryGallatinTennesseeEmail615-489-7835
Leaning TreeCoos BayOrlandoEmail-
Liberty Acres RanchMadisonIndianaEmail-
Mann's Rex RabbitryHowardPennsylvaniaEmail814-441-1581
Mel-o-D's Rabbit PatchProphetstownIllinoisEmail-
MHK RabbitryRossvilleIndianaEmail219-819-0405
Moon River RabbitrySpring HillFloridaEmail352-442-5440
Polk County RabbitryMenaArkansasEmail512-584-3360
Rapps RabbitryLarueOhioEmail740-341-4600
Robison RabbitryWashingtonPennsylvaniaEmail724-223-6916
S & P RabbitsColomeSouth DakotaEmail605-842-1681
Shannon ZwaanNorth Little RockArkansasEmail501-758-7579
Silverwood RabbitryPrescottArizonaEmail928-642-4589
Sims Family RabbitryMcintoshNew MexicoEmail815-670-1119
SpillmansrabbitsSophiaNorth CarolinaEmail336-498-7103
The Brown RabbitBathPennsylvaniaEmail610-759-1113
The Bunny HutDouglasWyomingEmail307-351-5586
The King's RabbitryPrestonIndianaEmail208-851-2303
Toki Doki RabbitryBurlesonTexasEmail682-760-4454
Treasure State RabbitryHelenaMontanaEmail406-600-5242
Two Musketeer's RabbitryMarysvilleWashingtonEmail503-440-0356

How much does a Rex Rabbit cost

Generally, the price of a Rex Rabbit would cost between $20 to $60.

This price may vary according to the pedigree and the quality of the pet.

What to ask the breeder before buying a Rex Rabbit for sale

Whether it’s your first time getting a Rex Rabbit or an existing bunny parent, you should have a ready list of questions to ask the breeder. For example:

  • Ask for the background information of the parent rabbits. Make sure that they come from a good pedigree.
  • Enquire about the bloodlines of the parents and how closely they are related. This is important since kits that were bred by siblings or half-siblings often end up with genetic issues.
  • Ask about the behavioral patterns and the temperament of the parents. At the same time, checking their well-being, health and hygiene are also important.

Things to consider before you buy a Rex Rabbit

1. What kind of cage do Rex rabbits need?

Rex Rabbits normally prefer to live in an enclosed area to cages, which means getting a playpen might be better for them. But you should have a cage for them to sleep and rest when it snows and rains. A hutch that’s about 4-6 feet tall would do them just fine.

2. Do I have enough space to raise a Rex rabbit?

Rex Rabbits are docile and like to be in an enclosed area. So you should consider whether you have enough space for the bunny to roam around freely.

3. Are the Rex Rabbit hypoallergenic?

If you or your family members get allergies often, Rex Rabbits are a great option for you as they are hypoallergenic.

4. Do I have enough time to care for a Rex rabbit?

Rex Rabbits are usually clean animals and don’t require a lot of maintenance. Yet still, you should spend some hours to maintain and take proper care of your Rex Rabbit. This is especially true if you want to bond with them. Also, don’t forget to get them toys! It’ll keep them away from chewing or nibbling on your stuff, like wires or gadgets.