Can Rabbits Wear Collars, Leashes or Harnesses

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Rabbits are irresistibly cute pets. And, with each passing day, they gain more popularity and love, winning our hearts and our family!

As someone who’s getting interested in owning a rabbit or someone who just got one, you might be wondering a few things like:

  • Can rabbits walk on a leash?
  • Can rabbits wear collars or harnesses?
  • Shouldn’t I walk my rabbit as if it were a dog or a cat?
  • What if my rabbit runs away?

And that’s why this article was made for you.

If you want to be the best rabbit owner ever, you better read until the end!

Can Rabbits Wear Collars, Can Rabbits Wear Harnesses, rabbit walk on a leash

Can Rabbits Wear Collars?

The answer is as clear as day: NO!

You should never put a collar on your beloved rabbit. The risks of putting it on your rabbit are terrifying!

A collared rabbit can break its neck, get strangled, or even get hurt when the collar gets caught on something.

Sometimes, your rabbit may feel uncomfortable and try to remove the collar by itself. This can lead to terrible injuries and accidents like choking and breaking bones.

Some types of collars can also be bad for your furry friend’s frail skin, damaging and irritating it.

And let’s not even talk about the battle that is actually putting the collar on. Rabbits hate it and will generally struggle against you so it doesn’t get leashed.

So, yeah… don’t leash your rabbit with a collar. It’s dangerous and can be lethal.

Can Rabbits Wear Harnesses?

Unlike collars, they’re not heavily pulling at their neck.

While it’s an improvement when compared to collars, harnesses are still problematic and dangerous.

Many rabbits will try to force themselves out of being in a leashed harness. Jumping and pushing to try and free itself.

This can, and will, hurt your precious friend.

Many rabbit owners will stand in shock when their harnessed rabbit gets serious injuries from trying to get out of a harness. Broken bones are a common traumatic occurrence with harnessed or leashed rabbits.

And if you do use the harness for some reason, do keep in mind to never leave your rabbit unsupervised because of the aforementioned risks.

If the rabbit starts doing anything dangerous, you need to be there to help it.

Can Rabbits Walk on a Leash?

Most animals need exercise and space to remain healthy and happy. And that’s no exception for our cute and lovable furry friends.

Raising the question: If rabbits shouldn’t be collared, then how do I give them exercise and space?

Well, it’s simple…

Rabbits work a little differently than a dog or a cat does. While dogs need routine guided walks outside, rabbits don’t.

Instead, they thrive on special spaces made for them where play however they want, jump around, and run freely to their heart’s content.

In fact, they should have two different spaces for them. One is the rabbit cage, and the other one for exercise, where the rabbit can run freely(in your apartment or your yard).

The minimum living space should be about 12 sq. ft. While the minimum exercise space should be 32 sq. ft.

What if my rabbit runs away?

You don’t need a collar, leash, or harness to keep your rabbit in check.

Just make sure your rabbit’s habitat is one your pet can’t possibly run away from.

And if you’re still unsure, you can always just microchip your rabbit so that it can always be found and identified.