Male or Female Rabbit: Which Pet Gender is Best?

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When you first bring a baby rabbit home, it’s hard to imagine this cute, little ball of fluff of ever being troublesome. However, as it matures, you must adapt to meets its health and dietary requirements as well as contend with its’ strong personality. Both, male or female rabbits need lots of attention, training and space to exercise.

As they reach puberty, they become less gentle and this is true whether it’s male or female rabbits. Both have very high sex drives with males having a slight edge over the females and will hump anything it comes into contact with.

Trying to determine which gender makes a better pet is difficult as each one is problematic and lovable in their own way.

male or female rabbit
Male and Female Rabbits

Male VS Female Rabbit Behavior

Both bucks and does can display very aggressive behaviors, they both can be very bullying and unpleasant to be around for you and your family.

Are male or female bunnies better as pets? While males hump everything in sight, females can burrow at carpets, have false pregnancies that include building a nest and pulling out their own for to make lining for the nest.

To avoid more drama, behavioral problems, urine markings and general aggression, it’s vital to get your rabbits neutered or spayed, Studies show that spaying, reduces the risk of uterine cancer in females. For males they need to be neutered once their testicles drop.

Please note that spaying is major surgery, so it’s important to take extra special care of your little doe and put her into a cage of her own for about a week, where she can heal.

How to Determine Rabbit Gender

Determining the gender of rabbits is a challenge to say the least, male genitalia in most animals is very obvious, but with rabbits, that’s not the case.

Animal sanctuaries and even pet store staff are often unable to tell males and females apart; this can be a struggle for pet owners, who may get more rabbits than they bargained for.

It’s best to consult with your vet, who can confirm the gender during the first check-up. If you have adopted more than one young rabbit, it would be wise to keep them all apart from each other until their gender is confirmed.

New To Rabbits?

For the sake of harmony in your home, you really should get an already bonded pair of rabbits, one’s that have been housebroken and fixed.

If you check out your local sanctuary, they will have rabbits of every description and inquire with them about getting a peaceful pair of friends. This is ideal and you will find yourself enjoying life as a rabbit owner whether you have male or female bunny as a pet.