Lionhead Rabbits for Sale

Are you looking for Lionhead Rabbits for sale?

The Lionhead rabbit is known to attract the eyes of many for its big, bold mane that can sometimes surround its head. No questioning why are you looking for Lionhead rabbits for sale. You should consider adopting a Lionhead rabbit as well.

Make sure you get your rabbit from a reputable shelter or reputable breeder, as you will have a better idea of ​​the temperament and any health problems that may arise.

Try to avoid getting Lionhead bunny from a pet store.

You may be tempted by the availability and the price, but you do not have any background information for the bunny. They are often bred solely for monetary gain.

However, if you have decided to buy a Lionhead rabbit from an official breeder then check the list of US breeders below.

Lionhead Rabbit Breeders:

List of Lionhead rabbit breeders from the official US Lionhead Club.

ARBA breeders list – The American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA).

Breeders directory listing page – for each individual US State.

These are the best ranked sites where you can find Lionhead Rabbits for sale or adoption:

Lionhead Rabbit price

The lionhead rabbit price varies greatly, depends on what do you want the rabbit for. As a pet, the lionhead rabbit price can be anywhere between $30 – $100.

If you are planning to breed it or show it, a show-quality Lionhead can sell from anywhere between $100 to $400, depending on the pedigree and quality.


As a piece of advice, before buying a rabbit from a breeder, ask to look at the pedigrees of the mother and father before you purchase the Lionhead rabbit. Look at their bloodline and see how closely related they were before buying. Breeding a father to daughter or a mother to a son is safe line breeding, some rabbit breeders are saying, but keep away from breeding siblings or even half-siblings as the possibility of genetic problems is greatly improved with this close of DNA.

lionhead rabbits for sale

Before you buy or adopt this lovable pet, which will for sure become your new best friend and will bring positive energy to your home, ask yourself a couple of questions like:

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One thing is for sure, your home and yard will shine with the cuteness and positive energy that these lovable pets will definitively bring.