Lilac Rabbits: The Most Cute Little Creatures In the World

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What are Lilac Rabbits?

Lilac Rabbit

Lilac Rabbits are a relatively new breed of rabbit that has only been around since the 1980s.

They were created by crossing two other breeds, the American Fuzzy Lop and New Zealand White Rabbit.

They have beautiful long fur which is often lilac or lavender with patches of white on their feet, legs, and tail.

The origin and history of Lilac Rabbits

The Lilac Rabbit is a breed of domesticated rabbit with an interesting history.

They are said to have originated in many places at the same time, but one man was responsible for bringing them into existence and showing them off to the public eye – H Onslow, from Cambridge England.

In 1913 he showed his first litter of lilacs at London’s famous exhibition as part of its debut appearance there that year.

Miss Mabel Illingworth was successful in mixed breeding of Blue Imperial and Havana seeds to produce Lilac Lavenders occurred on her Essex farm in 1913, which she named after herself with hopes for future success.

The appearance and colors of Lilac Rabbits

Lilac Rabbits are one of the smaller rabbit breeds and can weigh up to four pounds.

Their coats come in shades from a light cream color to bright white or even lilacs! Some have brown splotches on their back.

The colors could be considered similar to that of Albino rabbits but they do not share any physical features with them.

The most common colors include:

  • lilac, of course also brown
  • black
  • gray
  • white

They may also appear black due to dark fur which is why they are often mistaken as being Siamese bunnies.

Specific characteristics of Lilac Bunnies

Lilac Rabbit

The notable characteristics of Lilac Rabbits include their long fluffy ears and their soft, velvety fur.

These adorable bunnies have a gentle nature that makes them popular for many pet owners to keep in the home.

They have been bred specifically for their beauty. So they stand out among all the other rabbit breeds when it comes to appearance.

Size of a Lilac Bunny

The average size of a Lilac Rabbit is around 12 inches.

They are much smaller than their relatives (i.e. American Chinchillas and Giant Chinchillas), with an average weight of 3 pounds (around 1.4 kg).

The lifespan of Lilac Rabbits

The lifespan of a Lilac Rabbit is between six to nine years.

There are many different breeds of rabbits, but not all have the same lifespan or size range as others.

Some bunnies live for only four years while some may be ten years old when they pass away.

The Personality of Lilac Rabbits

The most outstanding characteristic of Lilac Rabbits is their personality!

These rabbits are extremely social animals who love to play with others of the same species. In fact, they even help feed one another as well as groom them when necessary!

Though some people may be hesitant at first due to its stature being smaller than breeds such as New Zealand whites or Californian blacks for example; these little creatures still possess many great qualities which make it worth investing into.

Behavior/temperament of Lilac Rabbits


Lilac Rabbits are friendly, affectionate animals. They are generally very gentle and docile creatures that enjoy being petted, cuddled with, and carried around by their owners.

They can be playful at times especially when they’re young but adults tend to have a more sedentary lifestyle unless they live in an active home or one where there is plenty of space for them to run about freely outside.

They will usually not bite if handled properly although some older rabbits may nip due to teeth wearing down over time or dental problems.

Lilac Bunnies as Pets

Lilac Rabbits are popular pets because of their adorable appearance. They are at the top rabbit breeds in terms of cuteness.

They make excellent pets for children and adults alike because they can be easily trained with behaviors such as “sit” or “come here”.

It’s very easy to bond with them if given plenty of love and attention from day one

How to care for Lilac Rabbits?

If you are raising a Lilac Rabbit, you will need to keep in mind that their housing needs are different from other rabbits.

It is important for their habitat to be clean and habitable with a lot of hay, straw, or wood shavings in the cage flooring.

They also require more space than regular rabbits; they should have at least three times as much living area per bunny.

Your rabbit’s hutch should contain some shelter like an enclosed nesting box. It can either be lined with straw/woodshaving or filled with sawdust.

The bedding material must not irritate its sensitive skin so use organic materials such as paper-based bedding products (not cedar chips), hay, chopped straw, or shredded dried leaves.

Health and Hygiene of Lilac Rabbits

Lilac bunny

Like all domestic rabbits, they need plenty of care, attention, and love.

An important part of the care routine for your Lilac bunny is picking out what type of brush would work best based on the coat length. Some brushes will be better than others depending on where the fur lays versus where it stands up most often.

What do Lilac Rabbits eat?

Lilac Rabbits are herbivores and they feed mostly on grass, leaves, vegetables.

Lilac Rabbits will eat anything that is green in color as they are unable to tell the difference between fresh food from old.

They will often ingest harmful plants which can make them very ill or even kill them.

Do Lilac Rabbits need cages?

Lilac bunnies are timid animals and need a lot of room to feel safe.

A large cage with an area for food, water, toys, exercise time (if they are more active), sleeping quarters, and a litter box will do the trick.

Lilac Rabbits don’t like being crowded so it’s best not to have them on top of each other or in tight spaces.

The rabbit should be able to fully stretch out without touching any wires or barriers surrounding him. They also shouldn’t jump off their perch because that can lead to injury.

It is recommended that you keep your rabbits in cages at least two times as long as the size of one animal and high enough for them to hop up onto.

Final Thoughts

If you love bunnies, Lilac Rabbits are definitely the ones for you!

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We hope you enjoyed reading this as much as we did writing it!