How To Cut Rabbit Nails

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Rabbit nails continuously grow, so sooner or later every rabbit owner needs to learn how to cut rabbit’s nails. Nail trimming is a necessary part of owning a pet rabbit.

Because their nails continuously grow, it is very important to provide them various toys, so they are naturally wearing them down.

Before we discuss how to cut rabbit’s nails, it is worth noting that every rabbit is different. Just like us. Some rabbits will not tolerate being groomed in general. If your rabbit does not want to be petted and to be held, do not force it.

In such a case please visit your local professional groomer or a veterinarian to have your rabbit groomed. You can watch the groomer and once you feel comfortable you can do it by yourself at your home.

How To Cut Rabbit Nails

Now, let’s see how easy it is to cut rabbit’s nails. It’s not a big issue as you only need to snip a bit off the end.

Just snip the tips off. DO NOT go to short, you don’t want to hit the quick.

Remember they have a quick (vein that feeds the nails) running through a certain portion of the nail.

The amount that can be clipped off (and thus shortening them) depends on where the quick is. As a nail grows, so does the quick.

White nails are easy as you can see the pink colored vein in the nail – clip a few millimetres after the quick stops to cushion the quick. But black nails are harder.

So, this is how to clip rabbit nails if the nails are black:

A bright light from the side should show the quick (you can shine a flashlight behind the nail). This may require 2 people if you use the flashlight.

As you trim them back (even just a fraction off the end) the quick starts to recede again. 

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How to cut rabbit’s nails

How often you should cut rabbit nails?

if they are not naturally wearing them down outside they will need to be trimmed using nail clippers. Rabbit nails should be trimmed every 4 – 6 weeks depends on breed.

Make sure you are always cutting in a downwards motion, not side to side as this can pinch the nail, causing discomfort and the bun to pull away from you. 

How to know if you are close to the quick?

Try to place the clippers over the nail and press firmly but without cutting. if it is too close to the quick the bun will often let you know by trying to jerk their leg away.

Other then this, if you are still not confident on how to trim rabbit nails, you can always ask your vet to tech you. Try asking for a quick lesson and show you how to cut rabbit nails while they do your bun’s nails.