How To Clean a Rabbit

Rabbits are very clean pets, even cleaner than cats and they do not have any smell. They spend most of the time in cleaning their fur.  However, sometimes they may be very dirty or has soiled themselves so you need to know how to clean a rabbit.

First and most important, keeping the rabbits out of the soiled litter will help a lot. Sometimes cleaning it out more often can help so the litter isn’t wet and soak into their fur. Litter training does help a lot as well in keeping the rabbits clean.

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How to clean a rabbit

Rabbit bathing is not recommended! So how to clean a rabbit? It is very easy, If your bunny is dirty, take a damp cloth and ‘spot clean’ him. You could get wet wipes and that might help a little bit, but pet wipes can also work and might be safer. 

How to clean a rabbit

How to clean rabbits feet

One good way how to clean rabbits feet is using a vinegar solution. Best way to get it off is to place the rabbit in a new, clean wire cage, and let it come of on its own. Vinegar works wonders. 1 part white vinegar to 2 parts water is a pretty solid mix.

Soak a cotton ball in it for a few seconds, and then really, really run it into his feet. Leave it on for a bit, and then wash it off. Just make sure it stays on their feet. Not only is it nasty for them to lick off, it might make the fur a little icky.

How to clean rabbits – When do rabbits need baths?

Rabbit bathing is not recommended, do that unless absolutely necessary! The only time rabbits can have baths is if they get a build up of urine around their genitals. Also, rabbit bathing is allowed only if it is very very dirty.

If you find yourself in this type of emergency, be sure to make the bath as brief as possible, and keep the bunny warm until she/he’s dry. However do not forget to use safe bunny shampoo. 

They generally don’t like getting submerged, and remember that bunny fur takes a longtime to dry. Bunnies usually hate sinks, and will kick out and twist when you try to put them in water.

TIP: After rabbit bathing, put a hot water bottle to cuddle next to if they feel chilled. A rabbit can catch hypothermia or go into shock very easily if they get cold when they’re wet.