Castor Rex Rabbit: Breed Info, Size, Lifespan, Temperament, and More

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The name Castor Rex was coined from the Latin names beaver (castor) and king (rex). They are a luxurious breed and were first bred in France at the start of the 20th century in 1919.

They are great pets because of their friendly, active, and smart nature. They were first brought to the Paris International Rabbit Show in 1924 and instantly gained popularity due to their rich coat. This Rex rabbit breed became famous and common worldwide since then.

In this article, we will look at how big they can get, whether they are great pets, what you need to take care of them, and more. Read along.

castor rex rabbit

Size and Appearance of Castor Rex Rabbits

Castor Rex Rabbits are medium in size. They have wide heads and round bodies. There are both mini and standard castor rex rabbits. The mini ones weigh 3-5 pounds while the standard ones weigh 7.5-12.5 pounds.

They can grow to lengths of 1 foot. Some like the giant male chinchillas weigh between 12-15 pounds and the females weigh between 13-16 pounds.

Castor Rex Rabbits have rich, dark, chestnut or mahogany bodies. They have a slate blue undercoat with orange or red colors in between. Their castor furs are tipped in black, the ears are upright, and they have small feet.

The fur is short and velvety giving them a thick soft carpet feel. They do not have long guard hairs found in most short-haired breeds. The fur grows to 1.27cm long.

Rex Rabbits have the rex gene which makes hair grow outwards facing the opposite direction. The females have some skin below the chin called a dewlap.

Castor Rex Rabbit Temperament

Castor Rex Rabbits have a calm nature while also being active. They tend to be more playful when they are young and more relaxed as they mature. These bunnies enjoy playing and hopping around making them a favorite with children.

They are very social and like being around other rabbits. They are a great choice if you want to keep more than one rabbit. You can keep them in groups but separate the male from the female.

Castor Rex bunnies are smart and intelligent furry pets. They can be trained and even walked on a leash. These bunnies can learn their name, respond to commands, remember their owners, be litter-trained, and recognize voices and smells.

The does have strong maternal instincts and love mothering their kittens. They make great mothers and can foster orphaned kittens.

Castor Rex Rabbit Lifespan

Castor Rex Rabbit

Castor Rex Rabbits have a long lifespan. They can live for up to 7-10 years. The babies are born with fur on their bodies which makes them easy to manage and nurture. Taking great care of them ensures that they live longer.

Breeding Habit of This Rex Rabbit

To produce Rex bunnies, only pure Rex Rabbit breeds should be mated. Breeding a Rex with a non-Rex brings forth non-Rex Rabbits because the Rex gene is not passed on.

A doe will gestate for 31 days and produce a litter of 7-15 kittens. The bunny can get pregnant immediately after giving birth. To avoid this, you should keep the males separately.

Why Castor Rex Rabbits are Bred

Castor Rex bunnies are kept by farmers for their meat. Their medium and big sizes make them a good sport for commercial purposes.

They are also common with pet owners and fanciers because of their appearance. Their coats have a lovely, rich, silky, smoothness.

Castor Rex Rabbit for Sale

Castor Rex Rabbits are not costly and you can get one at the regular cost of normal rabbits. Buying one will set you back $20 – $60

Being common and highly affordable, they can be easily found in shelters. You will need around $10 – $20 to adopt one. If you are buying from a specific seller, look for a reputable breeder to ensure that you get a quality pet.

Care and Requirements

castor rex rabbit

When getting a rabbit, you should always learn more about the breed and its main requirements to take care of your pet efficiently. This breed is a low-maintenance breed and does not have many requirements to thrive.


Castor Rex bunnies have short fur that is easy to manage. They do not require frequent grooming and brushing the coats once a week will be enough. Avoid over-grooming as it can ruin the lovely fur.

Rabbits are generally clean animals and will not require regular bathing or any bathing at all. Bathing rabbits can make them sick. If your bunny gets dirty, use a wet warm cloth to wipe them, then dry them up afterward. 


Castor Rex Rabbits like living indoors but they can also live outdoors. Ensure they have a big space in their cage. They should be able to stand upright in the cage because rabbits stand up often to see if their surroundings are safe.

The cage should be spacious enough for them to move around freely. Place a hiding box and a litter tray inside. Add 2-3 inches of bedding to the cage floor.

Hay offers good bedding for them because they will also chew on it. Other comfortable beddings are shredded paper and aspen. Add in some chew toys for your bunny, a feeding bowl, and a ceramic water bowl.

Cover three sides of the cage and leave out the front for natural lighting. Covering the sides protects them from predators, too much cold, rain, and direct sunlight.

Castor Rex bunnies tend to be sensitive to heat and they prefer cool spaces. Keep their temperatures between 35-40°C to prevent heatstroke.


Feed them a balanced diet of hay, healthy vegetables, and fruits. Supplement the diet with 5% rabbit pellets that are high in fiber. Make sure that they have clean fresh water at all times.


Castor Rex Rabbits are a low-maintenance breed. They are perfect for families with children and new owners. The rabbits are friendly, docile, and smart.

They love living with companions and enjoy attention from their owners. Keeping them in pairs will make them thrive and live longer.

You should also interact with them regularly. Take them out of the cage to spend time with them as they exercise, hop, play, or learn new tricks from you.