Can Rabbits Eat Kale

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Kale or leaf cabbage is grown for their edible leaves and is among the most healthiest and nutritious foods in the world. Kale is high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is known that it is super healthy for people to consume it, but can rabbits eat kale?

can rabbits eat kale

Can Rabbits Eat Kale?

Absolutely! Rabbits and eat kale. Leafy greens should ideally compose an average of 15% of a daily rabbit’s diet. Ensure these are as fresh as possible so they still include all their nutrients and minerals.

Basically, any leafy green that is safe for a human to eat is safe for a rabbit as well.

So, yes, rabbits can eat kale in a reasonable amount. Unless your rabbit has developed a kidney stone.

How Much Kale Can A Rabbit Have

A rabbit can have 1 cupful of 2-3 different types of veggies a day, including reasonable amount of kale as part of that cup.

It would be ideal if the vegetables given in the day are different from the previous day. So try to mix them every next consecutive day if possible.

Once you have a stable list of at least 6-7 vegetables that you know your bunny can handle, feel free to mix them around and feed a different combination each day.

Vegetables of which mostly leafy greens, should make 15% of the daily rabbit’s diet (do not forget that the majority of the daily diet should be hay).

can rabbits have kale

Is Kale Safe For Rabbits To Eat

So, yes rabbits can have kale, but like any other vegetable, introduce kale slowly in your rabbit’s diet so it doesn’t get a stomach upset.

Kale is safe for rabbits to eat, just like spinach, broccoli and other leafy greens.

But off course, unless your vet advises you otherwise, for example if the rabbit has developed a kidney stone and need a special diet.

Ensure enough rotation of veggies that tend to be widely available at any grocery, providing a variety of nutrients and a balanced diet.

But, like with every other food, be sure that kale is given in moderation so the bunny will have a long, happy and a healthy life.