7 Ways to Know that Your Bunny Loves You

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Rabbits are laid-back and chill most of the time, so they’re kind of a mystery to a lot of people. They’re also masters of hiding their feelings so much so that they don’t easily show signs when they’re feeling sick or are in pain.

But it doesn’t mean that rabbits are not affectionate or do not show their affection. They just show it differently than other pets. 

In this article, I will be counting down 7 ways in which you can know that your rabbit loves you. I will also be enumerating ways you can do to foster a bond with your rabbits.

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Signs of True Bunny Love

It’s important to note that rabbits are different from each other. Some will tend to be more affectionate than others and will show their love in different ways. Consider it like a bunny love language. 

You should also know that rabbits are social animals. They thrive better if raised as pairs and even if not, they tend to live more comfortable and longer lives when they are bonded with their family.

Although bonding can take a long time – again, very dependent upon the temperament of your rabbit – it is for sure a very rewarding journey.

7 Ways to Know that Your Bunny Loves You? 

There are many ways for a rabbit to show its affection. Again, this can differ from rabbit to rabbit but, I’ve listed seven of the most common ways that you can know that your rabbit loves you. Your rabbit might exhibit some or all of these behaviors. 

1. Rabbit Binky 

Only a happy rabbit will binky. There are two kinds of rabbit binkys: a full binky and a half binky. A full binky is when a rabbit runs and then jumps while twisting its body while a half binky is when a rabbit is a quick head flick or ear flick. This is a sign of a contented rabbit. 

You can see your rabbit binky when they’re playing, when they see you or when they know that their favorite treat is around. Rabbit binky is a sign of contentment and while not all rabbits binky, other rabbit body languages can let you know that your rabbits love you. 

2. Rabbit Flops 

Some owners have the misconception that since they’ve never seen their rabbit binkies then their rabbits probably don’t like them. This is simply not true. Rabbit temperament and personalities ultimately determine how your rabbit shows its affection. 

Some rabbits will binky, some rabbits will just simply flop on the floor and sleep. It’s important to know that rabbits are prey animals and while we’re talking about domestic breeds they still have that innate instinct to be more cautious about their surroundings. 

The fact that your rabbit doesn’t hide when you’re in the room is a good sign that your rabbit doesn’t hate you and that it’s comfortable to share its space with you. 

3. Rabbit grooming 

In the animal kingdom, rabbits show their affection by grooming other rabbits. You know how our thumpers are such meticulous groomers, they spend most of their day making sure that they are squeaky clean so if your rabbit grooms you then that is a sure sign that your bunny loves you. 

Rabbits do not groom companions. A rabbit is trying to groom you by licking you or gently nibbling you. You can also give your rabbits a gentle head rub while they’re grooming you. Rabbits like head rub because it feels like other rabbits grooming them. 

4. Rabbits circling your feet

Rabbits usually circle and run in circles if they are ready to mate.  But, if your rabbit is neutered or spayed and you found that they run around in circles at your feet then it means that they love you.

Running around in circles is a sign of excitement for rabbits and this means that they’re very happy and excited to see you, or you might be holding their favorite jar of treats. 

5. A gentle nudge and asking for pets 

Rabbits will gently nudge you asking for some pets. Usually, they would also put their head down to signal they want some head rubs. Gently, rub your pet and listen closely to their vocal cues. A contented rabbit will gently purr while you are rubbing their heads. This is a definite sign of your rabbit’s love. 

Bunny love

6. Rabbits jumping on your lap 

Dogs will wag their tails and felines would rub their bodies on your legs. These are all signs of affection. For rabbits, they usually jump on your lap. Rabbits do not just let people carry them or let people “trap” them into spaces. So if your rabbit voluntarily jumps on your lap and they let you cuddle them then this means that your rabbit loves and trusts you. 

7. They lay next to you 

Rabbits who can lay next to you are another ultimate sign that your rabbits love and trust you. When rabbits lay down in a room that you are in means that they do not see you as a predator and that they are completely comfortable in your presence. 

Also when rabbits lay down, it gives more chances for a predator to catch them since it would take a longer time for them to run. Therefore, a rabbit that snoozes in a room with you is a rabbit that loves you. 

Are Male Rabbits More Affectionate than Females?

There’s often a question asked by many potential rabbit owners and this is which are more affectionate male rabbits or female rabbits? The general knowledge is that male rabbits tend to be more outgoing and friendly than female rabbits. 

This is one of the reasons why male rabbits are often recommended for first-time bunny owners. Male rabbits are also less territorial than female rabbits therefore, they tend to be less aggressive. 

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Although female rabbits tend to be more snobbish than male rabbits, this does not mean that all rabbits will be the same. If a bunny is adopted, the previous trauma or environment of a rabbit will play a part in its willingness to trust its new owners. 

Whether your rabbit is male or female it’s important that you bond with them. Time and effort are the keys to bonding with your rabbits and I promise you, that with the proper effort and care, your rabbits will come to love you. 

How Can I Make My Bunny Love Me? 

There are a couple of things that will help you bond with your rabbits faster 

1. Treats, treats, treats

It’s true, the way to a rabbit’s heart is through their stomachs. If you give them their treats they will learn to associate that human means good experiences. And eventually, they will learn to trust you 

2. Do not hold them constantly

Did you know that rabbits tend to wag their tails if they’re annoyed? Rabbits are not famous for liking to be held.

In fact, most of them don’t like it. In the wild, rabbits are carried off by predators so this might cause them to panic.

Don’t push your rabbits when they try to jump off your arms when you hold them. You need to build a relationship first and they need to trust you before you let them hold them. 

3. Talk softly to them

Rabbits like it when you speak softly to them because it comforts them.

Also, when playing with them, try to get on their level and do not chase them around. This will scare them because you will look more like a predator than a friend. 

4. Good old quality time

The best way to make your rabbit love you is to spend time with them. This helps them recognize you and your scent.

Rabbits like quiet quality time, just let them roam around in a quiet environment and let them approach you rather than you chasing them around. 


Rabbits might not be as showy as other pets but they do have their own ways to show their affection. The secret to bonding with your rabbits is dedication and consistency.

As long as you show constant care to your rabbit they will associate you with pleasant things and eventually learn to love you.