9 Best Rabbit Water Bottles (2023 Reviews)

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The water bottle is an integral part of every rabbit cage. Choosing the right water bottle for your pet rabbits can be hard, given that there are many available out there.

The water bottle you choose must meet certain criteria like:

  • The size of the bottle
  • The water capacity
  • The material (glass or plastic. Keep in mind that the plastic is chew-able)
  • Indicating grids (measuring the water level).
  • Non-leaking
Water bottle for rabbits

Keeping in mind the above important factors we bring to you the list of Best water bottles for rabbits.

Top 9 Best Water Bottles for Rabbits

TOP Pick: AKDSteel Leakproof Rabbit Water Dispenser

Non-leaking bottle, made from plastic which is corrosion resistant.

Besides the large water capacity, a key feature is that it is a transparent bottle. Make iteasy to see how much water is left.

Water capacity: 17 oz (500ml)

#2 Pet Supplies Rabbit Water Bottle Dispenser 

It can be fixed on the door, wall, cage, etc. It is suitable for small and big rabbits.

Specially designed with a roller ball nozzle; Non-leaking.

Note: The bottle should be hanged outside the cage.

#3 Dumanfs Pet Rabbit Water Bottle Stainless Steel 6 oz or 12 oz (180 ml or 350 ml)

This water bottle is made of plastic with stainless steel taps.

Non-Leaking – which is one of the most important factors that a water bottle must meet.

It has stainless steel ball faucets.

Water capacity: 6 oz or 12 oz (180 ml or 350 ml)

#4 Plastic Rabbit Water Bottle 1.7 oz (50 ml)

This water bottle has a very small capacity. Only 50 ml so it is more suitable for dwarf rabbits.

It is made from plastic.

Water capacity: 1.7 oz (50 ml)

#5 Jumbo Rabbit Water Bottle 64 oz (1.9 l)

Considering its water capacity (64 oz), it is suitable for large rabbit cages (hutch) and large rabbit breeds.

This water bottle also includes a water-level float indicator.

Water capacity: 64 oz (1.9l)

#6 Tcplyn Premium Quality Plastic Bottle 2.7 oz (80 ml)

Non-leaking water bottle for dwarf rabbits.

Because of its water capacity, it is suitable if you only keep one dwarf bunny in the cage.

Material: Plastic + stainless steel.

Water capacity: 2.7 oz (80 ml)

#7 COCOPET Dripless Pet Drinking Fountains 13.5 oz (400ml)

It can be attached to the side of your rabbit’s cage or hutch, or it can be screwed or nailed to the wall.


Water capacity: 13.5 oz (400ml)

#8 Choco Nose H128 Patented Water Bottle for rabbits

This is one of the best-selling water bottles for rabbits.

Water capacity: 11.2 oz (350 ml)

#9 Pawow Automatic Water Food Feeder Standing Dispenser

Food bowl plus water bottle that can be kept inside the cage.

It has 3 roller balls in the nozzle, so you need to take off 1-2 roller balls if water flows little.

Water capacity: 17 oz (500ml)

Keep in mind that water is essential for the rabbit’s health. Fresh and clean water should be ALWAYS available for your pet rabbit (especially during the hot days). Having a water bottle for your bunny is the best way to make sure there’s always drinking water for your furry friend.