Argente Brun Rabbit: A Guide to Caring for this Special Bunny

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What are Argente Brun Rabbits?

Argente Brun Rabbit

Argente Brun Rabbits are a relatively new breed of rabbit, having been first bred in France by an Argente family.

The Argente Brun Rabbit is known for its beautiful markings and gentle temperament.

These bunnies are the perfect size to cuddle with, weighing only around 10 pounds or so once fully grown!

They have a semi-arch/mandolin body shape that makes them super easy to pet from all angles, straight front legs that give you a full range of motion while hugging this bunny’s squishy fluffy fur coats.

Their heads grow broad as they mature and their ears stand upright on top of these gorgeous Egyptian cotton faces.

The origin/ history

The Argente Brun Rabbit is one of the oldest French rabbit breeds.

These rabbits were developed in the mid to late-19th century, popular for their usually attractive coats. During the 1920s and 1930s, these rabbits were exported from France.

Specifically, Canada, where they are still today a great choice as pets due to their friendly disposition with humans that make them very family-oriented animals!

Characteristics of Argente Brun Rabbits

The appearance

Argente Brun Rabbit

Argente Brun Rabbits can vary greatly, depending on the genetic makeup of their parents.

The most common breed is the Silver Argente which features a white tail and feet with an almost silvery grey coat that varies from light to dark in coloration.

The Agouti or Brown Argente has a browner hue than its Silver counterpart, but these rabbits do not have as much variation in coloration.

White Argentes are also available, though they’re less common due to requiring two different breeds for conception (with one being silver).

Black Argentes feature black coats and greyish legs because of recessive genes inherited from both parents’ original coloring – this trait is more common among females.

The colors

Argente is a distinct breed of rabbit that can be recognized by their unusual coloring.

The British Rabbit Council recognizes five kinds, including Bleu (Blue), Brun (Brown), Creme, Champagne and Noir (Black).

The ARBA only accepts one kind which is Argente Bruns with deep brown undertones mixed in long hairs to give them a distinctive effect when viewed from afar.

A defining characteristic of this unique animal is the boldness of its eyes; they have dark black colored pupils as well as red-brown irises surrounded by white sclera on top and bottom eyelids, but do not produce tears like other animals.

The Lifespan

Argente Brun Rabbits can live for up to 10-12 years.


Argente Brun Rabbits are very small rabbits, typically weighing about six to ten pounds.

They can be long in the body as twenty inches (females) or nineteen inches (males), with an average length of around sixteen inches.

Argente Brun bunnies are often considered “miniature” because they’re much smaller than most other breeds of rabbit which measure between 21 and 25 inches in length.

The coat

Argente Brun Rabbit

Argente Brun Rabbits have soft, short brown coats that need very little maintenance to stay healthy.

During molting season they may shed more so it’s recommended you groom them with a slicker brush 1-2 times per week but otherwise once every two weeks should be sufficient.

If your bunny gets dirty in one area of their coat, then spot clean this area rather than giving them baths as rabbits cannot tolerate water well and will get sick if given too many baths.

Behavior/ temperament

Argente Brun Rabbits are very active rabbits that enjoy interacting with their owners.

They have a naturally more docile temperament than other types of brown rabbits (though this may be due to the common use in laboratories), so they do not need as much attention and stimulation as many other breeds.

The Argente Brun Rabbit is an especially good breed for children because it’s less timid and can easily become accustomed to being handled, making them great pets for families who want kids involved in taking care of animals.

These bunnies also make excellent companions when living alone or just as friends for another rabbit! In either case, most people find these bunnies will follow their owners around like dogs.

Argente Brun Rabbits as Pets

Argente Brun Rabbits are a popular choice of pet for many people.

They also make adorable companionship animals for children due to their small size and relative gentleness when compared with other rabbit breeds such as Angoras who tend to nip more often than Argente Brun’s which only bite when feeling threatened.

Pros of owning a Argente Brun Rabbit

Argente Brun Rabbit

They have a docile temperament due to their calm demeanor and they do not mind being handled by humans.

Argente Brun rabbits get along well with other animals, including dogs, cats and rodents as long as the owner is careful about introducing them properly – it can take time for them to become friends.

Cons of owning a Argente Brun Rabbit

The Argente Brun Rabbit is not a good pet if you’re living in an apartment or a small space. They are very active and need lots of room to roam around outside their cage every day.

You’ll need more time for grooming because the fur on these rabbits tends to mat when it’s wet, so regular brushing will be necessary.

The Argente Brun spends most of its time looking up at taller humans from below them as they stand on all fours, which means that this breed is often regarded as aggressive by people unfamiliar with how bunnies move about.

How to care for your Argente Brun Rabbit

When raising an Argente Brun bunny, there are a few key points to consider. Argente Brun Rabbits originate from the same place as American Fuzzy Lop and French Angoras, making them easy for most people who have experience with these types of rabbits to care for!

One thing you may want to do when caring for your Argente Brun Rabbit is keeping it in an environment similar to its natural habitat. This means that they will need access outside without being exposed to too much danger or weather conditions.

If you choose not to let your Argente Brun live outdoors, then make sure that they get at least two hours of exercise per day.

Health and Hygiene

Argente Brun bunnies have sensitive skin, so it’s recommended that you use a mild detergent.

It is crucial to clean the cage after each feeding or water change because they love digging around in their litter box and will ingest some of the materials while cleaning themselves.

Taking your Argente Brun rabbit outside for at least 15 minutes per day can help with exercise and mental health. This also helps keep them from getting overwhelmed by too much time spent indoors.

The diet

Argente Brun Rabbits are herbivores and should be fed a diet of hay, vegetables, fruits.

They also require an unlimited supply of fresh water.

All food and water must be provided in a high-quality ceramic bowl or crockery with small holes to prevent the rabbit from ingesting any wire that may have been used during its manufacture.

The use of dirt for bedding is not recommended as it can cause gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea. Bedding material should include pine shavings or similar soft materials without dust particles which could irritate the animal’s respiratory system.

Do Argente Brun Rabbits need cages?

It is not necessary to provide rabbits with cages.

However, if your rabbit has a tendency to chew on things or you have other pets that might harm the bunny then it would be best for them to spend time in an enclosed space where they will feel secure and can’t escape from their surroundings.

A cage should keep the rabbit safe while also giving him or her room to stretch out after being cooped up all day long inside of his owner’s home.

Rabbit cages or hutches are great options since these types of enclosures allow for plenty of “elbow” room so bunnies won’t feel cramped when confined indoors during specific hours of the day.


Argente Brun Rabbits are one of the most popular and easiest pets to have. It’s hard not to love this adorable, fluffy creature that is always happy!

If you’re considering a new pet or just want something small and furry in your life, then an Argente Brun Rabbit may be for you. Or if you know someone who needs some cheering up- get them one of these sweet creatures as a gift!