American Sable Rabbit For Sale: Breed Facts, Colors, Size (2023)

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The American Sable Rabbit is one of the most popular pet rabbit breeds in the United States. It is also one of the most recently developed of breeds. On this page, we want to discuss everything that you really need to know about this beautiful-looking bunny, plus we will provide American Sable Rabbit for sale links from official breeders in the US.

The Origins of the American Sable Rabbit

We know that the American Sable Rabbit is a breed developed in the 20th Century. It was developed by Otto Brock in California. We also know that he developed them from the Chinchilla Rabbit. However, we are unsure as to the reasons why.

It is likely that the American Sable was (mostly) developed for the looks that it has. We can’t imagine that this is a rabbit that was developed for meat or fur, simply because there are better rabbit breeds for that already, and there was at the time.

It seems that this was a breed that is purely for those looking for a pet in their home (or a rabbit for shows!)

The Look of the American Sable Rabbit

To be honest, the American Sable bunny doesn’t look that different from the Chinchilla Rabbit. This is because when it was developed, the rabbit came from selective breeding of Chinchilla Rabbits only.

American Sable rabbit For Sale
American Sable Rabbit

The only real difference comes from the color of their fur. The majority of their fur will be a light tan color. The extremities of their body are a dark sepia in color. The eyes are almost always going to be ruby-colored, although there are some differences in some breeds.

The American Sable Rabbit can reach sizes of up to 16lbs, but it is likely that the rabbit you purchase is going to be somewhere between 7 and 12lbs in size.

If you get a male version of the American Sable bunny, then you will actually end up with a bunny that weighs a lot less than their female counterparts. This is one of a few rabbit breeds where that happens.

The Behavior of the Rabbit

Obviously, a lot of this is going to be dependent on the rabbit. After all, animals do have their own personalities, just like humans!

However, generally speaking, the American Sable is going to be a calmer rabbit. It doesn’t make a whole lot of noise. It also tends to get on remarkably well with other rabbits, particularly of the same breed.

One thing that we do want to point out, however, is that the Sable Rabbit is not really a fan of being touched UNLESS it gives you permission to do so. Again, this is going to be dependent on the rabbit you own.

However, most you may need to approach with caution until they get a bit more familiar with you. However, we suppose that this is going to be the same with most rabbits.

Another thing that we should really point out about this rabbit breed is that it loves to run about. Honestly, it is one of the most active rabbit breeds we have ever encountered.

This means that if you do get yourself an American Sable, you should probably have a larger amount of space for it to run around in. While the rabbit is going to be great for living outdoors and the like, it is probably going to be better if it can live indoors.

Other Care Requirements

Despite the American Sable having short fur, it can be pretty tough to maintain the coat of the rabbit. It is going to take a lot of brushing. If you do not want fur all over your home, then the American Sable Rabbit is probably not going to be a good option for you.

This is because the fur is incredibly thick. If you do not clean it up quickly when they are molting, then it is going to be incredibly noticeable! Obviously, as a result, the animal is probably not going to be ideal for those who have a dander allergy.

Other than this, the care requirements are not that different from other breeds of rabbits. Just make sure that they have a diet that mostly consists of hay, and they are going to be a decent rabbit for you to raise. They will cause little in the way of hassle.

American Sable Rabbit for Sale

You can always search for rabbit rescues in your area before buying from a breeder. However, if you have decided to buy from an official breeder then check the list of US breeders below.