Alaska Rabbit: Is It The Right Black Colored Pet Bunny For You?

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When hearing “Alaska Rabbit” wouldn’t you immediately assume it must be as white as the Alaskan snow? We did too! But ironically, the Alaska bunny is as black as the night.

The popularity of the Alaska Rabbit breed has exploded in recent years. We thought it was time to take a look at what this breed offers. Hopefully, this will let you know whether this is going to be the right breed of rabbit for you.

The Origins of the Alaska Rabbit

You would think that the Alaska Rabbit would come from the United States, based upon that name, right? Well, you would be wrong.

The Alaska Rabbit actually comes from Germany. It managed to get the name because the purpose of this breed was to try and look like the Alaskan Fox.

This was to create a rabbit that you could sell pelts from that looked mostly like the Alaskan Fox. Although, of course, they never managed to accomplish this goal.

The development of the Alaska Rabbit breed was actually a joint effort between multiple breeders, although it was Max Fischer of Gotha who did most of the work. The breeds that have gone into the Alaska Rabbit include:

We couldn’t possibly tell you the percent of each breed that is found in this rabbit but, to be honest, we doubt anybody really knows nowadays.

Alaska rabbit
Alaska Rabbit Breed (Photo By Ailura)

The Look of the Alaska Rabbit

Despite what you may have been told in the past, there is only one color for the Alaska bunny. This is black.

Yes. There are Alaska Rabbits that are not black. However, this is a genetic mutation.

As a result, by official breeders, they are not seen as proper Alaska Rabbits. Their fur is probably some of the most beautiful on a rabbit. It is nice and smooth. It is also soft.

It is no wonder that this is the case. After all, the purpose of this rabbit was to initially develop a rabbit that could be raised for fur.

These rabbits are quick thick in size. Their bodies are nice and round.

Some people may find them a little bit ‘chunky’ but, honestly, as long as you do not have these cooped up in a cage all day, their size is not going that much of an issue. Obviously, they are not going to be as big as some breeds since the Alaska rabbit weighs 7-9 lbs.

Is the Alaska Rabbit the Right Pet for You?

If you want a calm rabbit, then the Alaska bunny may be perfect for you. We don’t think we have seen a single report of people finding their rabbit to be on the aggressive side and, as a result, this makes it a great rabbit for families.

Of course, as with most rabbits, it is probably not a rabbit that you are going to want to be cuddling up to all the time.

Rabbits do need a little bit of time to themselves, after all. Just let it get on with its own thing and you should be fine.

As with most rabbits, the Alaska Rabbit is a breed that is going to fair a little bit better if you have other rabbits in the mix. They are social creatures, after all.

Do bear in mind that this is a very energetic animal. As a result, it needs a good few hours of exercise each and every day. Honestly, this is a rabbit that is going to be better indoors than outdoors.

It does give it the ability to run around whenever it wants. This can get a little bit tiresome for some people as the rabbit does love to play. However, give it a couple of toys, and it should be fine. Do also remember that rabbits are going to be active in the early morning and late at night.

As a result, this is probably not going to be a rabbit breed that you want to have to live in the same room as you. It is going to end up irritating you rather quickly!

Alaska Rabbit Care

There are not really any specific ‘care requirements’ for the Alaska Rabbit.

Probably, the best thing you can do for your Alaska Rabbit is to brush it regularly. This helps to maintain the fur that they are known for.

Obviously, make sure that your rabbit has a good diet of hay (most of the diet should be hay), and you are going to end up with a rather happy rabbit indeed!